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Spain accepts bank bailout

Simon Hunter Madrid

Euro group ministers discuss 100 bn rescue package

Obama praises Spain reforms but warns of austerity risks

El País Washington

US wants strong Europe to underpin its economy

IMF to report that Spanish banks need 40 billion euros in aid

Reuters / El País Madrid 1

Recapitalization requirements seen at 90 billion but lenders can cope with 50 billion on their own


A protester pours fuel onto a flaming roadblock in Pozo Santiago de Aller, Asturias. / J.L.Cereijido (EFE)

Miners clash with police over cuts

Araceli Guede / Agencias Madrid / León

Two civil guard officers hit by bottle rockets fired by masked protestors


State prosecutor opens criminal probe into Bankia

EFE / El País Madrid 1

Nationalized lender and the Bank of Spain asked to provide documents to help investigation


Esperanza Aguirre during Thursday's press conference. / Carlos Rosillo (EL PAÍS)

Aguirre wields the knife in Madrid to meet deficit target

El País Madrid

Daycare, lost dogs and public services all in line of fire


El Huffington Post is born

Joseba Elola Madrid

A Spanish version of the world-famous website goes online headed up by well-known local journalist Montserrat Domínguez


"You don't know the hell you created"

A victim of the 1987 ETA bomb attack at a Barcelona supermarket comes face to face with one of the perpetrators of the crime, and describes the scenes she saw

PP to embrace Socialists' plan to rehabilitate convicted terrorists

Victims’ groups criticize conservative government’s commitment to meetings between affected relatives and prisoners


Civil War association told to return grant for unfinished exhumation

Government also demands payment of interest after association exceed timeframe at mass grave site


Telecinco film lifts the lid on Spain soccer team's secrets

El País Madrid

Euro 2008 coach Aragonés shown telling players to procure a red card for “the blond one” Schweinsteiger


CGPJ chief must be accountable for behavior, says corruption watchdog

Spain rates low for lax government controls in Transparency International report

Málaga City Hall suggests chief justice lied about trip to meet mayor

Fernando J. Pérez / Fernando Garea Málaga / Madrid

Officials unwilling to confirm meetings Supreme Court head cited to justify expenses. "The municipality cannot be sure that they took place on the dates"

Dívar's "official business" on weekend trips lasted just hours

José Yoldi Madrid

Records reveal Chief Justice mixed business with pleasure


Leopoldo González-Echenique, who will be taking over RTVE. / EFE

PP opts for loyal technocrat to take over ailing state broadcaster RTVE

Socialists announce they will appeal process in the Constitutional Court


Spanish cycling deaths rank highest in Europe, study shows

El País Madrid

In 2010, 67 bike deaths were reported across the country. "Politicians still don't understand the need for bike lanes"


The view from atop Puerta del Sol 1, as the Tío Pepe sign is dismantled in 2011. / GONZÁLEZ BYASS

Apple takes bite out of Sol as landmark Tío Pepe sign set to disappear forever

Iconic sherry ad will no longer be rebuilt on top of central Madrid building


Eighty percent of Spaniards believe Church should pay property tax

Carmen Morán Madrid

Survey shows that Catholic institution should pay same levies as businesses and individuals

An aerial view of part of the Marina d’Or resort in Oropesa del Mar. / ÁNGEL SÁNCHEZ

Castellón “rejected” as EuroVegas site after last-ditch casino bid

Lorena Ortega Castellón

Negotiations between Madrid and Barcelona are nearly “at final stage” with chances still “50-50,” say sources


Lisbon gets through latest examination by bailout troika

El País Lisbon / Madrid

Three major banks to get 6.65-billion-euro injection from government after new tranche is delivered

Más información

EURO 2012: Here we go again?

No national team has won three tournaments in a row, or successfully defended a European title. Tournament favorite Spain aims to be enshrined in history on July 1

Fernando Torres vaults over the challenge of Jens Lehmann in Vienna in 2008 to score the championship-winning goal. / REUTERS


Soccer mourns passing of Preciado

Rob Train / El País Madrid

Ex-Sporting coach dies of heart attack a day after signing for Villarreal

Could going green get Spain out of the red?

Spain should revive its ailing finances through a more sustainable economy



A prostitute waits for clients in Catalonia. / JOAN SÁNCHEZ

Out of sight, out of mind: women working in shadows

Prostitution remains in a legal vacuum. By cracking down on kerb crawling, Spain’s politicians are simply avoiding the real issue: regulation, or prohibition


Is something rotten in the state of Spain?

Spaniards are shocked and disappointed at the failure of the main parties and the country’s leading institutions to do something about the economic crisis


Selling rather than letting out homes has been the more popular option for property owners in Spain for decades. / CARLOS ROSILLO (EL PAÍS)

Is Spain finally going to be for rent?

Lluís Pellicer / Luis Doncel Barcelona / Madrid

Government bids to liberalize the sector. Not everyone believes market forces will produce the right changes


French president François Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel together at their first official meeting last month. / REUTERS

A European Cold War?

The refusal of Greek voters to accept Brussels' austerity measures are in danger of creating two opposing blocs within the EU, led by Germany and France



'Communist Manifesto' a hit in Madrid

Seminal work snapped up by those seeking an alternative to capitalism


An Englishman in mining Andalusia

New book reveals chaplain's 19th-century stay in Spain's black country


How community spirit is saving theater

Cash-strapped playhouses are banding together to fight for their very survival

Who has a Romanesque cloister around their pool?

A 12th-century treasure comes to light in a private home in Girona



Miners without a future

The Spanish coal-mining sector has been rocked by drastic cuts to public subsidies


Why is Europe's crisis not abating?

No one has enough power to impose a solution, while plenty of forces have enough influence to restrict the options available


Draghi’s realism

A European bailout for the Spanish banking sector would mean more fiscal correction and a makeover of the financial sector


Back to government control of TV

The appointment of a new state television president bypasses inter-party consensus

“Who else is going to experiment?”

Actor Paco León opts to make film history with release of ‘Carmina o revienta’

This week’s movie releases

Nick Funnell Madrid

Jack Black, Steve Martin and Owen Wilson go birdwatching in new comedy 'The Big Year'

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