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After 90 days, mother of missing kids speaks out

Ruth Ortiz accuses ex-partner of being behind the disappearance of six- and two-year-old children

The worst nightmare for police officers looking for a missing person is for the case to drag out. That's even more so when children are involved. Sunday marked three months since Ruth and José Bretón went missing while under the care of their father in a Córdoba park, and there is still no news of either of the children.

Ruth Ortiz, the mother of the children, who are aged six and two, spoke in public for the first time on Sunday, accusing her former partner and the children's father, José Bretón, of being to blame.

"Everyone that knows José Bretón knows that he did not lose the children, and those that don't know him can be sure that I know what I am talking about," she told a group of journalists. "He has to tell the truth. He is responsible for the disappearance of my children and he must speak. His family also knows that he is to blame, but for them it is easier to cling to the hope that they were lost rather than accept the stark reality."

More than 90 days after the disappearance of the two children the authorities are no closer to finding out what happened to them. Bretón and the children's mother had separated not long before he reported them as missing. The couple had lived together in Huelva, but Bretón was from Córdoba, which is where he was when the children went missing. He claims that he lost track of them at around 6pm on a Saturday afternoon, while walking in the Cruz Conde park.

Police have repeatedly searched a property owned by Bretón's parents in an industrial park, as well as their home, but have not found any trace of the pair.