the transformation


in any case,


Information consumption has changed radically. Readers have become users looking for news at any time of the day, from any device, anywhere in the world. EL PAÍS faces this new scenario with an ambitious transformation plan that puts the reader in the center and develops innovative strategies to respond to all their information needs. Changes in the organization, the workflows and the newsroom in Madrid consolidate EL PAÍS as the most important and influential brand of global information in Spanish.

"We put the focus on the reader to satisfy all his informative needs with innovative strategies."


the new


The new reality demands from our journalists different ways of sharing content and a different way of working in the newsroom.


Readers demand news mainly early in the morning, at noon and late in the afternoon. The 828 Plan accommodates the flow of information of EL PAÍS to those time slots and foresees three daily
“recap stops” to explain, analyze and contextualize the most relevant headlines of the day.

This strategy does not change the normal dynamics of the newspaper,
which will continue to be constantly updated, but serves
to add more analysis and context to information.


This new way of creating and distributing information demands new roles in the newsroom. Thus, we have created new professional profiles that will allow us to adapt our culture — traditionally linked to the paper — to new ways of creating and distributing the content we produce. These new profiles complement the classic ones, enriched with training programs, new technologies, multidisciplinary teams and new narratives.

  • seo

  • social media

  • radar

  • breaking news

  • design

  • analysis

  • planning

  • product manager

  • video

  • graphics


The Control and Distribution Central Desk places the user at the core of our work. Therefore, the most visible element within the ‘hot area’ of the newsroom is a control panel or videowall, where journalists, developers, designers, photographers, graphic designers, video editors, social media, SEO and analytics specialists monitor in real time what users are doing and how products are performing in all devices where information is being distributed.

the new


Meeting the demands of readers implies having a space that allows a fluid communication and an efficient synchronization of teams. The newsroom of EL PAÍS has been restructured and has become a new modern, flexible and functional space that facilitates the daily work.

a new space

Our new workflow also demands a different workspace, so we have renovated our headquarters in Madrid. The goal is to respond to the paradigm shift in communication. This new space makes it easier to work and facilitates decision-making. The physical reorganization brings together the areas of content production and distribution into a central area, simulating a 'command center', a place where everybody works towards a specific purpose. Ours is to offer the best information to all users, wherever they are.



In any case,