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PP picks up new seats in election re-run win, while PSOE hangs on in second

Podemos fails to capitalize on its agreement with United Left and is left far from overtaking the Socialists. But uncertainty remains on the possible formation of a government

Pedro Sánchez, Mariano Rajoy, Albert Rivera and Pablo Iglesias cast their votes uly martín / claudio álvarez / albert garcia / bernardo pérez Atlas-Quality

Spaniards returned to the polls this Sunday. A total of 36,518,100 voters were called upon to cast their ballot, for the second time in six months after the inconclusive vote in December and subsequent failure of Spain’s political parties to reach an agreement to form a government. Despite expectations to the contrary, the Podemos-United Left coalition failed to knock the Socialists off the second spot, and the PP once again won most seats, but still fell short of a majority.

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