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“El Niño” lottery hands out tens of millions to all corners of Spain

First prize, worth €2 million each series, goes to ticket number 22654

Roquetas de Mar, which scooped jackpot in El Gordo Christmas draw, among winners again

The Madrid outlet where the second-prize ticket was sold.

Those who were unlucky when Spain’s massive “El Gordo” Christmas lottery was drawn on December 22 had another chance to hit the jackpot on Wednesday, when the draw for its little brother “El Niño” was held.

The second prize went to number 60755, while the third prize went to 95395

The top prize was announced just 20 minutes in, when the number 22654 was pulled out of the spinning drums. The State Lottery will share out a collective €90 million to holders of winning tickets – each series of the number is worth €2 million, which are themselves broken down into décimos (tenths). Many people purchase only fractions of a décimo.

The second prize, worth €750,000 per series, went to number 60755 and was sold entirely in Madrid’s Chamberí neighborhood, while the third prize, worth €250,000 each series, goes to holders of number 95395 and was sold in Palencia province.

The number corresponding to the first prize was sold across Spain, including in Roquetas de Mar (Almería), where the winning number in last month’s El Gordo lottery was purchased. Tickets were also sold in the Madrid region, the southern towns of Jerez de la Frontera and Conil de la Frontera, and the northern cities of Gijón and Bilbao, among many other locations.

This year El Niño handed out a total of €630 million in prize money, €70 million more than in 2015.

English version by Susana Urra.

A back-to-back winner


One resident from Roquetas de Mar has had a lucky Christmas indeed: after winning €800,000 last month in the El Gordo lottery draw, he has now scooped an additional €400,000 in El Niño.

Few people know the name of the individual who has taken home winnings of €1.2 million in just two weeks.

“He is a friend of mine who walked into the bar, and left quickly when he saw the television cameras,” says Antonio Fernández, who works at Bar Bernardo, located on Real street in Roquetas, across from the lottery agency that sold the winning number.

But the waiter refused to disclose his friend’s name, at the latter’s request.

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