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Sabadell mayor steps aside until corruption case is cleared up

Bustos is the target of an ongoing land-permit corruption inquiry

“I am going to step aside a few centimeters,” the Socialist mayor said

Under pressure from his own party and the opposition to step down, Sabadell’s Socialist Mayor Manuel Bustos announced Tuesday that he was taking a leave of absence from office until allegations that he took part in a corruption scheme are cleared.

“I am going to step aside a few centimeters,” Bustos said, one week after he was named as an official target in the so-called Operation Mercury corruption case. “This is not a resignation — only an absence for a few days or weeks, at the most,” said Bustos, who insists on his innocence.

Surveillance recordings published by Abc and El Periódico de Catalunya show that the mayor may have threatened some Catalan government officials if they didn’t stop the inquiry.