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Spanish troops to withdraw from two Afghan bases

November 1 will see soldiers take up behind-the-scenes role as local forces prepare to replace UN security mission

Spanish troops in Afghan bases.

Spanish troops stationed in Afghanistan will begin turning over the security duties in Badghis province to their Afghan counterparts next month as they initiate their withdrawal from the country.

The 207th unit of the Afghan army will take over the command from Spain on November 1. Spanish officials will continue, for now, to guide Afghan troops in anti-insurgent strategies but nevertheless, the Spanish officers will be playing more of a behind-the-scenes role until local forces eventually take over the security operations now being handled by UN troops in the country.

Between January and February, Spanish troops will leave the Bernard de Gálvez base in Ludina, and between March and April, Spain's forces will also abandon Rickets base in Moqur.

By the spring, Spain will call back its advanced combat unit (COP), which has suffered the most Taliban attacks.

There are 1,520 Spanish soldiers currently stationed in Afghanistan.