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Socialists elect anti-separatist as candidate in Catalan premier’s race

Navarro tells PSC members if they want independence they can go to another party

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Pere Navarro beat Montserrat Tura (left) with 73% of the votes.

The Catalan Socialist Party (PSC) chose its first secretary, Pere Navarro, to run as the party’s candidate for the regional premier’s election, which will take place on November 25.

With 73 percent of the 279 votes from the PSC’s national committee, the staunch anti-separatist defeated Montserrat Tura, a former councilor.

“Those who, with their votes, believe that our country can undertake the impossible venture toward independence have other party slates they can choose from,” Navarro said. “There can be members among us who are in favor of independence but the party’s position is not to defend any attempts to break away. Let that be clear.”