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Judges grant ETA trio shelter from so-called “Parot doctrine”

High Court must decided whether to release terrorists

In a unanimous decision on Thursday, the Constitutional Court granted protection to three convicted ETA terrorists from the so-called “Parot doctrine.”

Named after the first prisoner to whom it was applied, ETA terrorist Henri Parot, the 2006 Supreme Court ruling allows courts to deduct time off for good behavior from individual prison sentences handed down for crimes committed before 1995, even if sentences are being served concurrently, rather than from the maximum sentence of 30 years permitted by the law since then.

The beneficiaries of the decision are José Ignacio Gaztañaga Bidaurreta, José María Pérez Díaz and Juan María Igaratundi Peñagaricano, according to court sources. The High Court, which originally applied the doctrine to the men’s sentences, will now have to carry out the decision to release the trio.

The Constitutional Court deemed a further three appeals against the doctrine inadmissible and rejected 25 others, out of total of 31 it examined.