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Pyrenees fire continues to rage

Blazes are brought under control in Girona

Smoke near Estet, in the Montanuy municipality. EFE

Around 50 firefighters, assisted by three helicopters, continued to battle a raging blaze Sunday that has devoured some 1,100 hectares of Pyrenees forest in Aragón. Similar fires in Girona and Lleida, which also broke out over the weekend due to extremely dry conditions, were reportedly under control.

Civil protection officials in Aragón said they were facing difficulties because winds were helping to fuel the fire, which was raging on the outskirts of Llagostera.

Modesto Lobón, Aragón’s commissioner for agriculture, livestock and environment, said that two-thirds of the fire that broke out last week was now under control, but a larger blaze continues unchecked at around 1,700 meters altitude in Aragón’s Pyrenees region.