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Princess Cristina won’t be indicted, says Nóos case judge

Court doesn't find any indications of wrongdoing by king's daughter

The Balearic Islands judge who is investigating the alleged diversion of public money at Iñaki Urdangarin’s non-profit Nóos Institute announced Monday that he will not indict Princess Cristina in the case because she wasn’t responsible for making any decisions at the entity.

Judge José Castro also decided not to call back Urdangarin, the princess’ husband, for a testimonial face-off with one of his main accusers, Diego Torres, his former partner who has also been indicted in the case.

Castro said that his decision would only “remain in effect for now,” and left the door open for both defendants to confront each other in the future.

The obscure rightwing union Manos Limpias had filed a complaint against Princess Cristina, asking the judge to charge her in the public-fund siphoning scheme. But Castro said there is no evidence that Cristina de Borbón committed any illegal acts when she served on the board of the institute. Urdangarin received some seven million euros from both the Balearics and Valencia regional governments, but prosecutors say he transferred some of the money to his private companies.