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Swiss woman arrested for drawing heart on Alhambra wall

Suspect held overnight by police after scratching symbol and her initials in the wall of the Golden Room

A Swiss woman was arrested and detained overnight by Spanish police after she reportedly drew a heart and her initials on a wall in the Golden Room of the Alhambra fortress in Granada.

The suspect was released on Tuesday charged with vandalism after she testified before a judge.

This was not the first time an incident of this type has occurred. In August, a military officer from Jordan was caught writing his name and the date of his visit on the wall of the Palace of Charles V. He was fined 120 euros and ordered to pay an additional 200 euros to pay for the damages he caused.

According to authorities, the 18-year-old Swiss national was caught etching the heart with her nail on one of the stucco walls. After she was told to stop, she proceeded to finish her work. Inside the heart, she wrote the letter "S."

After she was taken to police headquarters, she refused to testify and was held overnight.