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71208 was the magic number for Soria town

Ticket holders in San Leonardo de Yagüe pocket two million euros each

San Leonardo de Yagüe, a small village of 2,000 inhabitants in Soria, was the big winner in Friday's "El Niño" lottery.

The winning number for the top prize of the second traditional lottery of the Christmas season was sold exclusively there, meaning that each series was worth two million euros - a welcome windfall, according to the lottery shop owner, Emiliana Puertas. "It was really needed here. The door manufacturer in town is laying off a lot of people."

Many of Puertas' tickets were also sold to residents of Huerta de Rey, a neighboring town of 800 people that has been in the Guinness Book of Records for the unusual names of its villagers. One of today's winners: 85-year-old Digna Marciana (Honorable Martian), who plans to share her winnings among her eight children.