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Rubalcaba shows slight lead ahead of PSOE vote

Rival Carme Chacón's camp accepts need to play catch-up, but new voting system could cause a surprise

With less than a month before the Socialists [PSOE] hold their convention to select a new leader, former candidate and ex-Deputy Prime Minister Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba is showing a slight lead over his rival, the former Defense chief Carme Chacón.

Sources from both camps confirm this small gap in favor of Rubalcaba even though they predict that next month's election will be a close one.

As opposed to past conventions, voting at the upcoming PSOE convention will be different this year. This time around it will be the delegates - not just the regional secretaries - who will decide who will become the new Socialist secretary general.

That is why, sources say, it is difficult to gauge at this time who will come out the winner.