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Fugitive ETA member wins literary prize

Joseba Sarrionandia, who escaped from a Basque jail 25 years ago, is recognized by the regional government

The Basque government's culture department has awarded a literary prize to a member of ETA whose whereabouts have remained unknown after he escaped from a San Sebastián prison over 25 years ago.

The Euskadi Prize was awarded to poet and essayist Joseba Sarrionandia for a Basque-language work. "Sarri," as he is known, escaped from the Martutene jail in 1985 by hiding himself in one of the loudspeakers of a singer who had given a concert in the prison. He was serving a 27-year sentence for being a member of the Basque terrorist group. Some sources believe he is now living in Cuba.

The Basque government will retain the 18,000-euro payment that accompanies the Euskadi Prize.