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Gaddafi using Spanish-made cluster bombs

Weapons sold to Libyan government shortly before Spain signed international treaty

Muammar Gaddafi's forces are using Spanish-made cluster bombs against civilian targets in the rebel city of Misrata, The New York Times reported. The US daily said that the munitions were made in 2007, a year before Spain signed an international treaty banning the use of this type of weapon.

Two Spanish companies were making cluster bombs until they were banned: Expal and Instalaza. The former only made projectiles for aviation, while the latter manufactured the MAT-120 mortar-fired munitions now being used in Libya.

Spain has not exported this type of weapon since it signed the treaty, the foreign trade agency told EL PAÍS. Official statistics show that Spain exported arms to Libya in 2008 worth 3.8 million euros, in the categories of "bombs, torpedoes, rockets and missiles."