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Porn producer arrested over filming of 16-year-old girl

Arrest warrant issued after complaint from Colombian school teacher

A Spanish producer of pornographic movies was arrested by National Police in Barcelona on Friday over the alleged making of films featuring a 16-year-old girl in Colombia.

The arrest came after Colombian police issued an arrest warrant for Pablo Lapiedra, 36, and his former partner, Zuleidy Piedrahita, 24, after the discovery of 10 videos of an underage girl from the Javiera Londoño high school in Medellín on websites operated by the pair.

The videos were found after someone at the high school - it is not known whether it was a pupil or teacher - logged on to the webpage, which costs between 10 and 75 euros depending on the time of day, and recognized the girl, who appeared under the false name of Estefanía. The site said she was of legal age.

The school's heads reported the matter to police in 2008 and the girl revealed what she knew. According to her testimony, Colombian national Piedrahita traveled around schools in Medellín and Bello offering pupils money to appear in movies, normally without specifying their content. The girl said they made her sign papers falsely declaring a different name and that she was of legal age.

Alicante-born Lapiedra's websites also feature other videos of Colombian teens, who could be as young as 13 but also 18 or 19. There is currently only evidence relating to the Javiera Londoño student.

After her split with Lapiedra, Piedrahita went to live in the United States, where Spanish police believe she is still residing.