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Gürtel foreign exchange transfers uncovered

An additional 700,000 euros in what could be bribes paid to the PP under investigation

The tax agency has asked the judge investigating the Gürtel case, a major bribes-for-contracts scandal affecting the opposition Popular Party (PP), to investigate foreign exchange transfers worth nearly 700,000 euros connected to the ring.

The transfers, which came from five different countries, are all connected to a company called Special Events, which was run by the right-hand man of Francisco Correa, the jailed ringleader of the Gürtel network. Tax reports show that these sums could be commissions paid by a business called Sufi, in order to be awarded contracts by PP-run agencies in Madrid.

The foreign exchange transfers were allegedly made between 2002 and 2004. In 2002, Sufi was awarded the street-cleaning contract for Moratalaz, worth 48 million euros.