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Revised "Sinde" anti-piracy law passed by Senate

Socialists, Popular Party and Catalan nationalists unite to approve it by 244 votes to 12

The newly amended "Sinde law," aimed at tackling illegal internet downloading, reached an important milestone on Wednesday when it was passed by the Senate with a majority of 244 votes to 12. The Socialists, the Popular Party (PP) and the CiU Catalan nationalists, among other parliamentary groups, all lent their support to the new legislation.

The law will now return to Congress, where it was rejected back in December, in a month's time, according to Culture Minister Ángeles Gonzalez-Sinde, who is also a renowned screenwriter. The Socialists, PP and CiU reached an agreement to amend the law to guarantee judicial intervention during the process of closing down an offending website.