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Plan rewards small businesses for hiring young people

The scheme will also be open to the long term unemployed

The government is putting the final touches to an action plan to get some 100,000 young jobless people back to work, the secretary of state for employment, Mari Luz Rodríguez, announced on Monday.

The administration is currently in talks with companies and labor unions about the plan, which will also be open to the long-term unemployed. The scheme, which forms part of a broad social pact the government is negotiating with unions and employers, will remain in place for a year.

Small firms taking on young people under the plan will be fully exempt from social security contributions for the new hiring. Companies will have to guarantee new workers a job for at least six months.

Over a fifth of the Spanish working population was out of a job at the end of last year, with the jobless rate for those under 25 years over 40 percent.