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Cinema Academy head resigns over "Sinde law"

Alex de la Iglesia says law should have been "started from zero"

Film director Alex de la Iglesia has announced his intention to resign as president of the Spanish Cinema Academy following the successful pact between the government and the opposition Popular Party to smooth the jagged edges of the so-called "Sinde law," which will give courts the power to shut down websites offering illegal downloads.

"It would have been better to start from zero," De la Iglesia said after hearing news of the pact. "It is a very unpopular law. To foster confrontation between creators and the internet is a grave error. I have been trying to reach a consensus for months, and the politicians have not heard us. This law is not the solution."

The architect of the controversial law, Culture Minister Ángeles González-Sinde, said she hoped the director would "reconsider his resignation."