20 octubre 2014
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Spanish nursing assistant tests negative for Ebola for first time

Second blood check needed to confirm if Teresa Romero’s body is now free of the virus

All four new suspected Ebola cases test negative for virus

Patients in Madrid and Tenerife must now await second check to confirm they are not infected. They include a Nigerian man and a Spanish missionary recently returned from Liberia

Ex-IMF chief ordered to post €3m bond over Caja Madrid card abuse

Rodrigo Rato and ex-bank head Miguel Blesa, who was told to come up with €16m, both held responsible for corporate spending

Caja Madrid chiefs will be able to repay suspect credit card expenses

Three ex-bank officials, including ex-IMF chief Rodrigo Rato, set to testify over €15.5m spent on alleged representation costs

Ricardo Lucas and Iván Vallejo inside their home in Seville. / paco puentes

Seville school officials face trial for refusing to enroll gay couple’s child

Court sees evidence that private center rejected pupil because of his parents’ sexual orientation

Spain beats Turkey for a rotating seat on UN Security Council

Vicente Jiménez New York

Victory, which came in the third round, is the culmination of nine years of diplomatic campaigning by Spanish authorities


NGO denounces beating of would-be migrant at Melilla border

EP / El País Madrid

Video footage shows man hit repeatedly after coming down from fence between Spanish exclave and Moroccan territory

Madrid district councilor dismisses top official for having a child

“I need maximum performance and as many work hours as possible,” says Popular Party politician to justify his decision

Spanish PM calls for dialogue after Catalan referendum pulled

Mariano Rajoy says decision to scrap original vote is “triumph for democracy and the law”

Catalan leader replaces referendum with unofficial vote

Artur Mas’s pro-independence allies respond angrily to idea of holding a survey without any legal implications

Piqué argues with Barcelona police. / AS

Barça’s Gerard Piqué accused of “disobeying authority”

“You’re jealous of me because I’m famous,” soccer star allegedly told city police who fined him for illegal parking

A group of firefighters next to Diego Pérez’s body. / P. Valeros

How policemen became prime suspects in murder case

Officers have been placed in custody in Murcia, after the violent death of a man who had requested their help

Uber off to slow start in Madrid

Ride-sharing service has been forced to deal with taxi protests, a regional probe and an apparent lack of drivers

Woman cleared of murdering baby as she was unaware of pregnancy

Ignacio Zafra Valencia

Spanish court finds her guilty of negligent homicide after child died during delivery

A group of tourists at the mosque in Córdoba. / J. L. R. (AFP)

Spain’s growing appeal to Muslim tourists

Hotels and restaurants have been slow to meet the needs of visitors from the Islamic world

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Actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau during the Seville shoot on Thursday.

On the set of ‘Game of Thrones’

EL PAÍS joins the cast and crew of the hit HBO show on location in Seville, where shooting for the fifth season is underway

Spain asks hackers for help

Public prosecutors and police attending online security conference admit they need all the assistance they can get to fight cybercrime

This week’s movie releases

Co-produced by Pedro Almodóvar, Argentinean black comedy ‘Wild Tales’ offers six shocking stories of violence and revenge

When indifference is a virtue

Ben Cardew faces looks of pity thanks to his undying support for lower league English soccer in Barça-ville


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Falling oil prices add to economic woes in Venezuela

Reports of shipment of light crude from Algeria suggest President Nicolás Maduro is now taking a more pragmatic attitude

“We must raise our voices, scream louder than the bullets”

Thousands of students in Mexico City protest disappearance of 43 students

Students challenge Mexican authority with mass protests

Radical left-wing sympathizers of missing Iguala youths threaten to take over towns and assault government buildings

Brazil’s presidential candidates heat up race with lying accusations

Rousseff attempts to tie PSDB contender to former Cardoso administration

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