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renewing the monarchy

Felipe VI bars Spanish royals from working in private sector

Spain’s new king introduces measures to increase transparency and prevent scandals of the kind that has ensnared his sister, Cristina de Borbón


New Socialist leader out to attract Spain’s angry and disaffected voters

Pedro Sánchez is ratified as the party’s new secretary general and reaches out to those who want to “change things without populism”

Corruption behind fortune of ex-Catalan premier’s son, say police

Jordi Pujol, who ruled region for 23 years, has confessed to keeping millions in tax havens in alleged bid to protect offspring from investigation. But new police report says his eldest’s money did not come from legal sources

French authorities find black box recorder of crashed Air Algérie flight

France also tentatively rules out terrorist attack as cause of incident, which killed all 118 aboard

Red Cross psychologists at Swiftair’s headquarters in Madrid. / Denis Doyle (Getty Images)

Swiftair: a modest Spanish airline

The Madrid HQ of the owner of the plane that crashed over Mali has become place of mourning

santiago TRAGEDY anniversary

More questions than answers remain one year after Galicia crash

David Reinero Santiago de Compostela

A new judge has taken over the investigation into the derailment of the Alvia train that killed 79 people last July 24

The life of a disgraced train driver

Silvia R. Pontevedra Santiago de Compostela 1

Francisco Garzón, who stopped eating after the crash, refuses to hide from view and now devotes his time to caring for his mother

“We hunt Arabs and scumbags”

Joaquín Gil Madrid

Neo-Nazi leader on trial for illegal firearms was running a center for neglected youths funded by the Valencia government


Spain starts creating jobs again

Second quarter results show first rise in year-on-year net employment since onset of crisis in 2008. “I’ve been waiting a long time to announce this news,” says PM

Economy continues to gather pace, says Bank of Spain

El País Madrid 2

Estimates for second quarter show GDP rise of 0.5 percent, meaning 12 months of positive growth

Sleeping alone is one way of staying cool on stifling summer nights.

How to sleep in the Spanish heat

A few simple tricks for surviving those sweaty summer nights – with no air conditioning required

Man killed by branch sparks fears over tree safety in Madrid park

City Hall creates expert committee to examine the Retiro’s 25,000 specimens after three incidents in a month

Interior Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz inspects the anti-climb mesh in Melilla on Monday. / F. G. Guerrero (EFE)

More than 1,000 would-be migrants attempt Melilla fence jump

Toñy Ramos Melilla

New anti-climb mesh means that just 0.86 percent of border breaches are successful


San Sebastián Film Festival award will go to Denzel Washington

EP San Sebastián

Two-time Oscar winner – who is opening the cinema event with his latest thriller “The Equalizer” – will be given honorary prize


Repsol to start searching for oil off Canary Islands coast by end of year

Canarian premier convinced work will have negative impact on tourism, while Tourism Minister José Manuel Soria estimates the islands will receive between €300 and €400 million in tax benefits

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Messi arrives at the Gavà court last September. / GIANLUCA BATTISTA

Judge confirms Messi remains official target in tax fraud case

Rebeca Carranco Barcelona

Argentinean soccer star “may have been aware and consented to network of front firms”

The silent Catalans speak

Quiet for decades out of fear of being branded outcasts, those who disagree with secession from Spain are now making their voices heard

Ibiza’s €1,650 dining experience

Star chef Paco Roncero opens Sublimotion, one of the world’s most expensive restaurants


This week’s movie releases

Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel try to get a homemade erotic recording back in ‘Sex Tape,’ while James DeMonaco returns with ‘The Purge: Anarchy’

It’s Barcelona Parklife — and you’re all invited

There is only one place to go to get to the heart of life in the Catalan capital, argues Ben Cardew: Parc de la Ciutadella


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The Chilean president’s right-hand man

Rodrigo Peñailillo has become Michelle Bachelet’s trusted aide and the most powerful minister in her new administration

Minors flee violence and exclusion in Honduras

Misinformation by traffickers has seen surge in young unaccompanied migrants

Fernández gets tough on “vulture fund” negotiations

Francisco Peregil Buenos Aires

President says Argentina will not default on its loans because it has already paid

Health corruption scandal smears Mujica’s party

Investigation of embezzlement scheme of hospital funds sullies Uruguay’s ruling party and its candidate Tabaré Vázquez



The most expensive bailout of all

State sale of Catalunya Banc to BBVA for far less than its rescue cost hits taxpayers' pockets

The latest in European science

Atomium brings together universities, newspapers and businesses to boost the movement of knowledge

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