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Spain’s Mariano Rajoy: “Catalonia will never be independent in any way”

PM sums up his economic achievements and warns that he will fight to keep Spain united ahead of general elections


Spain’s new political map raises questions over future of bullfights

El País Madrid

Leftist governments withdraw public subsidies and plan referendums to see if people support banning bull-related 'fiestas'

Citizens of Bogotá to get the last word on bullfighting

The Colombian capital has taken a step closer to a referendum on the activity, but a court must decide whether it is legally binding

British tourists in Torremolinos (Málaga). / garcía-santos

Why the British conservative press is saying “¡Viva Espana!”

John Carlin London 1

The lack of stability in other typical Mediterranean vacation destinations, such as Egypt, Greece and Tunisia, is seeing a boost in tourism from the UK

Video of the aftermath of the accident (viewer discretion advised). / Atlas

Cargo truck slams into a group of worshipers in Mexico, killing 27

Pablo de Llano Mexico City

Shocking tragedy highlights need for government to enforce traffic safety rules. Road crashes are leading cause of death

Traffic case against ex-Madrid premier Aguirre is dismissed

Judge rules that the offense filed against Esperanza Aguirre for speeding away from police is no longer part of the Penal Code

Barcelona now fifth-most-popular tourist destination in Europe

Lluís Pellicer Barcelona

Consultancy report finds that the Catalan capital ranks behind London, Paris, Berlin and Rome in overnight stays

barcelona shooting

Wounded man in Barcelona shooting was wanted by Interpol

One of the victims of the unknown gunman was carrying a fake Belgian passport; police believe incident may be a settling of scores

Dutch national, Briton were targets of shooting in Barcelona

Regional police launch manhunt for the perpetrator of what they believe may have been a settling of scores

Latin America

Police view the body of Pablo Escobar after he was gunned down by Colombian authorities in 1993. / epa

From the trail of Pablo Escobar to the hunt for ‘El Chapo’

Colombian generals who busted Medellín cartel join Mexican search for fugitive drug capo


The average salary in Spain falls 0.2% in 2014, to €22,606

Broken down by activities, employees in the energy industry once again enjoyed the highest salaries, taking home €58,000, more than twice the national average

Students at the 'Orcasur sin Fronteras' academy during soccer practice. / D. R.

A soccer academy for Latin American kids flourishes in Madrid

Dozens of Colombians, Ecuadorians and Dominicans dream about one day reaching La Liga


Madrid mayor pledges to stop more than 2,000 home evictions

New leftist city leader Manuela Carmena intervenes on behalf of tenants who are fighting to keep their low-rent apartments from being sold to a vulture fund


Hunter who killed Cecil the lion was American and not Spanish

Joaquín Gil Madrid

Identity of man, whose actions in Zimbabwe have caused international outrage, revealed by the head of the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force (ZCTF)

Spaniards leading the way in ‘canned lion’ hunting trophies

Spanish hunters in Africa are only surpassed by US marksmen in their appetite for shooting tame game – animals that have been born and raised solely to be shot and killed by tourists

Latin america

A t-shirt emblazoned with 'La Mataviejitas.'

The Mexican serial killer who has found love behind bars

Verónica Calderón Mexico City

Convicted murderer ‘La Mataviejitas’ weds fellow inmate at a prison ceremony

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Maradona has taken the battle with his ex to the TV screens. / REUTERS

Maradona family feud keeps Argentineans glued to their TV sets

Carlos Cue Buenos Aires

Ongoing battle between soccer legend and ex-wife over alleged missing money is playing out in court and on screen

Will sun-burnt skin go brown?

As millions of us head for the beaches, EL PAÍS dispels a few myths about sunbathing and gives some tips on how to avoid that pink-like-a-crab look

Florida couple finds rare gold coins from Spanish shipwreck

The €900,000 haul is believed to have come from a galleon that sank during a storm in 1715

Why the Spanish rural idyll is not such a paradise for dogs

Mary Biles examines the brutal edge to the countryside that persists in Spain


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Verne in english

Café Comercial’s final tradition: the pending coffee

Historic Madrid coffeehouse adopted an Italian custom of paying for the next customer's drink

The weekend Instagram gave my account to Andrés Iniesta

A Madrid designer with the same name as the soccer player found himself locked out of the photo app for no apparent reason

‘Siesta,’ ‘fiesta’ and 17 other Spanish words ‘guiris’* use

A look at some of the terms from Spain that have become lingua franca over the centuries, from mosquito to matador


Why Spaniards ‘shit in the sea’

New book explores the origins of puzzling Spanish idioms that can sound shocking, vulgar or nonsensical to many foreigners

Is fast food killing off Spain’s famed Mediterranean diet?

Busy young Spaniards are shifting away from traditional cooking habits

How to cope with Spain’s heatwave: a survival guide

Experts offer advice for staying safe as temperatures soar above 40ºC in some parts of the country

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