27 mayo 2015
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regional and municipal elections 2015

PP veterans plan to make way for new faces following election losses

But PM sees no need for major reforms; in Madrid, conservative mayoral nominee sounds out Socialists to keep leftist out of office

Podemos makes ousting Popular Party its priority in brokering deals

The fragmented scenario after Sunday’s regional and local elections is forcing groups to seek agreements

Five policies Manuela Carmena wants in place in her first 100 days

Ahora Madrid’s measures include assistance for those evicted and guaranteed access to basic utilities

Esperanza Aguirre during Tuesday’s press conference. / Á. G.

Aguirre seeks pacts with all parties to keep Podemos out of City Hall

PP candidate goes as far as to offer role of mayor to Socialist politician Antonio Carmona in exchange for support

No primaries, no support, Ciudadanos tells the PP

Emerging party holds the key to several regional assemblies

Colau’s Barcelona plan: new utility firm taxes and an end to official cars

The leader of the leftist coalition that won Sunday’s municipal elections in the Catalan capital promises big social changes

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Population at risk of poverty or social exclusion rises to 29.2%

New study by the national statistics bureau shows average household income in Spain has also fallen

Ryanair net profit rose 66% in 2014

Excellent results are based on improved customer service and new routes from major airports, says Irish budget carrier

Rescue workers have managed to find remains of the 150 people on board the Germanwings flight that crashed on March 24. / Laurent Cipriani (AP)

Lufthansa starts repatriating remains of Alps crash victims

Spanish relatives of around 45 passengers want to reach an out-of-court settlement with the airline and “turn the page”


US and Israel competing for €300m Spanish drones contract

Spain’s Defense Ministry wants to purchase four unmanned aerial vehicles for surveillance as it waits for Europe to develop its own model


Amazon starts paying Spanish corporate tax on sales

Online seller had been diverting all retail transactions made in Spain to Luxembourg, which had provoked criticism from Brussels

Students gather at Ciudad de Jaén High School on Monday. / Kike Para

“Give me €50 or I’ll hit you,” bully told teen who committed suicide

Disabled 16-year-old had informed police that she was being harassed by “four or five” students before her death


Text found in Bin Laden’s hideout praises Madrid train bombings

Yolanda Monge Washington

Declassified document mentions ex-Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero’s decision to pull troops from Iraq


Are you rich, poor or average? Calculate your share of the pie

An application launched by the OECD lets you compare your income levels with those of the rest of the population

Inequality between rich and poor has hit record highs, OECD warns

Carlos Yárnoz París 8

In Spain, 18% of the population lives below the poverty line, twice as many as before the crisis, according to a new report

Muslim women praying outside the Great Mosque in Mecca. / AFP

“In Saudi, you need a man”

Female engineers working on a Spanish-led project to build the Riyadh subway reveal what life is like for them in the Middle Eastern country

Adou's parents in an interview with Efe news agency. / Carlos de Saá (EFE)

Spain grants ‘Suitcase Boy’ temporary residency permit

El País / EFE Madrid

Child from Ivory Coast may soon be reunited with his mother in Fuerteventura after being found by Ceuta border agents on May 7

A 15-year quest to do a good deed

Margot Molina Seville

Bureaucratic hurdles saw a businessman have to wait over a decade before he could make a €14m gift to the city of Seville

Lucía and Hugo: the most popular baby names in Spain

Jaime Prats Valencia

But classics such as José and María continue to top the charts for the population as a whole, according to newly released 2013 figures

A man checks his cellphone as a young woman walks by. / Santi Burgos

The anti-social networks

Spanish authorities say Twitter is not doing nearly enough to help locate users who stalk or harass others

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The home page of online vacation site Booking.com

Where do Spaniards spend their money on the internet?

Hotels and airline flights make up a third of all e-commerce purchases

Spanish director Vicente Aranda dies aged 88

Filmmaker was responsible for 25 features, one of which was cited by Quentin Tarantino as an influence

EL PAÍS and ‘The Guardian’ lead global news initiative to cover climate change

Twenty-five media groups have signed up to share stories in run-up to Paris summit

Spanish toes, linguistic woes

Ben Cardew risks his relationship with his Spanish girlfriend as the two enter into a war of words – ones that exist in one language, but not the other


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FARC talks resume despite tensions over bombings

Rebels say they don’t want to “throw away” progress made in years of negotiations with Colombian government

China closes deals worth billions with four South American nations

Government plans to invest €229 billion in the region over the next 10 years

Wanted Peruvian businessman escapes house arrest in Bolivia

Peru has accused ex-campaign advisor of illegally obtaining public contracts

Kirchnerite candidates triumph in one of Argentina’s poorest provinces

Gubernatorial primaries in Chaco seen as a bellwether for October presidential race



Profound change

The outcome of Sunday’s elections heralds the need for cross-party negotiations after the PP loses much of its territorial power

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