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Ghost airport

How did Spain’s white elephant airport end with a €10k price tag?

Daniel Verdú Ciudad Real

After five years of bankruptcy proceedings, a mystery company put in the only bid for the installation at Ciudad Real, which cost €450 million to build

Café Comercial, whose doors are now closed and papered over. / Á. G.

Madrid’s oldest coffeehouse, Café Comercial, closes after 128 years

The owners have not given any concrete reasons for the closure of the legendary establishment

catalan independence bid

Most Catalans see a clash with Madrid inevitable, survey shows

Anabel Díez Madrid

Metroscopia poll gives failing grades to Spanish prime minister and to Catalan leader for their handling of the secessionist issue

PP hangs King Felipe’s portrait in Barcelona City Council chamber

Response comes a day after the new leftist administration of former social activist Ada Colau removed a bust of ex-monarch Juan Carlos I

Cecil the Lion gets close to tourists in Zimbabwe. / Bryan Orford

“Cecil the lion took two days to die. It’s a terrible tragedy”

Zimbabwe authorities are looking for Spanish hunter who allegedly killed one of Africa's best-known big cats


Video: Family members mourn the boy’s death (Spanish narration). / S. R.

Death of child in Michoacán throws state security efforts into question

Luis Pablo Beauregard Aquila (Michoacán)

Mexico demands answer from government after 12-year-old’s death during alleged shootout between vigilantes and army


Figuerets beach on the island of Ibiza. / JAIME REINA (AFP)

Spain sees record foreign tourist spending in first half of year

El País Madrid

The 7.4% increase comes on the back of unprecedented international arrival figures, making this a banner year

Santiago TRAIN crash anniversary

Alvia inquiry stalls two years after Spain’s deadliest train accident

David Reinero Santiago

Victims' associations demand that Adif railway manager officials be put on trial, but so far only the driver faces charges for the death of 79 people

Latin America

Filmmaker Ridley Scott to bring life of “El Chapo” to the big screen

Rocío Ayuso Los Ángeles 2

British director buys rights to Don Winslow’s ‘The Cartel,’ which offers a fictionalized account of the drug baron

Edificio España once housed a hotel, office space and apartments. / R. G.

Madrid to forbid owner of Edificio España from tearing it down

Chinese group Dalian Wanda claims it is impossible to keep the façade intact, but expert architect says it is simply more expensive

Donald Trump speaks to reporters in Laredo,Texas. / RICK WILKING (REUTERS)

Trump at the US-Mexico border: “A wall would save us a lot of money”

Billionaire Republican presidential contender reaches out to the Latino community by promising jobs


Spanish economy sees biggest quarterly jobs rise since 2005

El País Madrid

Unemployment rate falls to 22.37% between April and June with 411,800 new positions created

Latin America

Is there a rift between Mexico’s president and first lady?

Rumors fly after videos capture allegedly awkward moments between Enrique Peña Nieto and his wife, Angélica Rivera

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Editor's Pick

Could three-month summer vacations be harming children’s studies? / J. R.

Spain: paying a high price for the long summer break

Aitor Bengoa Madrid

Parents say three months’ vacation is too long, with children disconnecting from their studies

Cabronazi… first we take the internet

EL PAÍS speaks to the anonymous team behind the viral Spanish humor Facebook site, which has 1.7 million followers

Pet TV talent show comes under fire from rights groups

Over 200,000 signatures are collected to get private network Telecinco to cancel ¡Vaya Fauna!

Could austerity politics scupper Catalonia’s independence ‘referendum’?

Sam Edwards asks what’s at stake at the regions crucial upcoming elections


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Verne in english

Andrés Iniesta and... Andrés Iniesta.

The weekend Instagram gave my account to Andrés Iniesta

A Madrid designer with the same name as the soccer player found himself locked out of the photo app for no apparent reason

‘Siesta,’ ‘fiesta’ and 17 other Spanish words ‘guiris’* use

A look at some of the terms from Spain that have become lingua franca over the centuries, from mosquito to matador

Spain’s rockers rally to pay genius guitarist’s tuition

Fundraising started after impromptu concert in Madrid guitar store by 17-year-old Pedro González


Why Spaniards ‘shit in the sea’

New book explores the origins of puzzling Spanish idioms that can sound shocking, vulgar or nonsensical to many foreigners

Is fast food killing off Spain’s famed Mediterranean diet?

Busy young Spaniards are shifting away from traditional cooking habits

How to cope with Spain’s heatwave: a survival guide

Experts offer advice for staying safe as temperatures soar above 40ºC in some parts of the country

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