31 octubre 2014
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Ex-Madrid official “at core of criminal organization,” says judge

Francisco Granados sent to preventive prison as extent of latest corruption scandal continues to send shockwaves through ruling Popular Party

Prison for mayors involved in Púnica bid-rigging scheme

Socialist leader of Madrid town of Parla and Popular Party chief of Torrejón de Velasco can avoid jail by posting bail of €60,000

Francisco Granados held over a million euros in Swiss bank accounts. / CARLOS ROSILLO

Former top Madrid official and partner had €5.8m in Swiss bank

Francisco Granados, who was arrested as part of Operation Púnica on Monday, got rich in tandem with childhood friend and constructor David Marjaliza


Government to file appeal against unofficial Catalan referendum

El País Madrid

Deputy PM confirms expected move, which comes in wake of Constitutional Court challenge of original plan for November 9 independence vote


African immigrants clinging to the Melilla fence on Friday morning. / Antonio Ruiz

Brussels accuses Spain of violating EU border laws in Ceuta, Melilla

Lucía Abellán / Toñy Ramos Brussels / Melilla

Interior Commissioner Cecilia Malmström sends harsh letter asking about alleged beating and on-the-spot deportations


Ebola victim: “I don’t want interviews, I want my dog back!”

Teresa Romero, who is still being treated in a Madrid hospital, speaks on the phone with her husband about their pet Excalibur


Spain’s “Google tax” gets green light with sole support of Popular Party

Tommaso Koch Madrid 1

Intellectual property law will see bigger fines in an attempt to curb rampant online piracy, as well as new charges levied on news aggregator services

Footage of soldiers beating detainees at Diwaniya in 2004.

Military court drops prosecution of soldiers who beat Iraqi prisoners

Spanish judges use Bush doctrine to suggest inmates may not have been protected by Geneva Conventions


PM apologizes to “all Spaniards” over party corruption

Mariano Rajoy stresses latest bid-rigging scandal only reflects “personal greed,” not illegal PP financing. “I understand citizens’ indignation,” he says

Ex-PP minister Acebes denies knowledge of party slush fund

Former politician tells High Court judge he did not authorize purchase of shares in media company using undeclared cash

Over half of 14- to 17-year-olds have watched porn online. / santi burgos

When porn replaces sex education

With the subject often ignored in schools, many Spanish teens have been left to learn about sexual relations from adult videos


“There is a campaign to discredit me for electoral ends”

In a rare interview Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava responds to accusations of cost overruns, leaky roofs and unstable bridges

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Julia Hilling (91) and Peter Cosgrove (84). / García-Santos

The Brits who tried to cut their tax bills, but could now lose their homes

A group of retirees is taking legal action against Rothschild after signing up to a plan aimed at reducing their inheritance duty

This week’s movie releases

El País Madrid

‘REC 4’ sees the hit zombie saga reach its final port of call, while Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence reunite in ‘Serena’

Everything for €1.50: Poundland sets up in Spain

The British company, which is planning to open 10 stores in a year, sells brand items at single fixed price

The big cat that is running out of lives

James Bryce laments the loss of lynx in traffic accidents, with this year marking the highest number since records began


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Mexico’s Supreme Court quashes referendums on energy reform

Leftist forces vow to keep fighting and will take their case to a regional tribunal

“We can’t negotiate over suffering; we want our children back alive”

Parents of missing Iguala students call on Mexican president to find their loved ones

Falling oil price puts Mexico on alert

Jan Martínez Ahrens Mexico City

Lower profit margins making expensive projects less desirable for foreign investors

“We are not a populist government”

In this exclusive interview with EL PAÍS, Chilean president Michelle Bachelet discusses her far-reaching reforms

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