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Socialists refuse to bow to Podemos’ demands over negotiations

Party leader Pablo Iglesias wants Pedro Sánchez to exclude Ciudadanos from ongoing talks aimed at forming a government after inconclusive elections

Podemos would overtake Socialists at new vote, poll shows

But survey from CIS suggests that overall outcome of a fresh election would be similar to that at December ballot

Kate del Castillo and ‘El Chapo Guzmán.’

Kate del Castillo and ‘El Chapo Guzmán.’ / GETTY / ROLLING STONE

Mexican prosecutors issue seek and capture order for Kate del Castillo

Soap opera star asks for legal protection after failing to testify about her ties with ‘El Chapo’ before in Los Angeles

Latin America

Washington pledges $450m peace package aid for Colombia

Silvia Ayuso / Javier Lafuente Washington / Bogotá

The money will go to help security efforts and pay compensation to victims from FARC insurgent war


Spaniard granted new trial after 15 years on death row in Florida

Luis Barbero / El País Miami / Madrid

State Supreme Court revokes sentence handed down to Pablo Ibar, who has always maintained his innocence over 1994 triple murder


First Zika case in Spain involving pregnant woman diagnosed

The infected 41-year-old patient, who lives in Catalonia, is in her 13th week of term and contracted the disease on a visit to Colombia

Zika virus could trigger illegal abortions spike, experts fear

Lack of access to contraception and strict termination laws may force more Latin American women to seek unsafe procedures

The site of a removed memorial to ex-minister Enrique de la Mata.

The site of a removed memorial to ex-minister Enrique de la Mata. / L. S.

Madrid temporarily halts removal of Francoist monuments

City Hall to pass order to specify most appropriate way of applying Historical Memory Law following political spat

Franco memorial removal sparks row between Madrid officials

Leftist city administration says monuments must go, but conservatives say culture councilor should resign

Bomb ScARE
The tail of the Saudi Airlines flight on a runway at Terminal 4.

The tail of the Saudi Airlines flight on a runway at Terminal 4. / Carlos Rosillo

Civil Guard finds no explosives on threatened Madrid-Riyadh flight

Barajas Airport had issued alert after bomb threat note was found on Saudi Airlines plane


Brussels forecasts more growth but higher deficit for Spain

Claudi Pérez Brussels

European Commission raises economic expansion to 2.8% in 2016 and 2.5% in 2017, but warns of unemployment rate and debt levels

Latin America

Venezuela imports US crude oil for the first time in history

Ewald Scharfenberg / Agencies Caracas / Madrid

The South American country, home to one of the biggest proven reserves in the world, purchased 550,000 barrels in January

Traffic safety
Motorists on a highway to A Coruña.

Motorists on a highway to A Coruña. / EFE

Over one-fifth of Spanish motorists believe they can trick a drug test

J. J. Gálvez Madrid

Among the myths are drinking coffee, rinsing with mouthwash and eating lemons, says a new survey

Donald Trump in Iowa after conceding defeat to Ted Cruz.

Donald Trump in Iowa after conceding defeat to Ted Cruz. / C. BARRIA (REUTERS)

Trump’s aura fades, expectations shift after his Iowa defeat

Marc Bassets Des Moines

Candidates now head to New Hampshire, where tycoon-turned-politician is expected to win


Basque court allows name change for transgender four-year-old

Mikel Ormazabal San Sebastián

Child becomes the youngest person in Spain to be allowed to alter official records based on her sexual identity

demographic trends
Gloria Labay, 51, says she has done all she can to become a mother.

Gloria Labay, 51, says she has done all she can to become a mother. / G. B.

Spanish women leaving it too late to have children, medics warn

With more waiting until their late thirties or early forties to get pregnant, fertility treatment is increasingly the only option

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Alejandro Villanueva during training.

Alejandro Villanueva during training. / K. Srakocic (AP)

How a Spaniard is making his mark at American football’s highest level

Born to Spanish parents, Alejandro Villanueva may have missed Sunday’s Super Bowl, but is a fixture at the Pittsburgh Steelers

The night Spain’s transition to democracy nearly derailed

New book explores 1977 Atocha massacre of five labor lawyers, and how the right and left reacted

Spain’s English Eurovision entry gets nul points from Royal Spanish Academy

Not submitting song in Castilian is “surprisingly stupid,” says scholar


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A cliff on the coast of Bonifacio, at the southern end of Corsica.

A cliff on the coast of Bonifacio, at the southern end of Corsica. / iStock

How €900 can take you far

To celebrate its 900th issue, EL PAÍS’s ‘El Viajero’ supplement offers its southern European vacation picks for under a grand

Ten Spanish cities where the tapas are free and plentiful

As well as the tradition of free snacks, the crisis has prompted many venues to offer a little extra

Nineteen unmissable Spanish getaways for the New Year

From coal mines to mountain peaks, discover the destinations worth exploring in 2016

Verne in english

The photograph to remind people that having a breast is not a luxury

Artist launches campaign to raise awareness about delays of more than two years for breast reconstruction surgery

How do you do, my name is Hitler...

Many people say they’d change their name if they were me

Colombian cop becomes hero after breastfeeding newborn

Luisa Urrea hits headlines after “mother’s instinct” prompts her to attend abandoned child


Zygmunt Bauman in Burgos.

Zygmunt Bauman in Burgos.

Zygmunt Bauman: “Social media are a trap”

An inspiration for Spain’s May 15 movement, the sociologist is skeptical about chances for change

Spanish woman who held longest US protest dies in homeless shelter

Conchita Martín lived in a tent near the White House for 35 years

Spain – A great place to live, a terrible place to work?

Spaniards are less productive and more stressed than their neighbors, while youngsters are heading abroad

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