3 marzo 2015
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Spain’s labor market posts best February figures since crisis began

Jobless claims declined as 96,909 new workers joined the Social Security rolls, especially in the construction, education and manufacturing sectors


Fernando Alonso to miss first Grand Prix of Formula 1 season

Oriol Puigdemont Barcelona

McLaren says Spanish driver has been instructed by doctors not to compete in Melbourne following February 22 accident

Five Spaniards drop out of ‘Forbes’ world billionaires list

Sandro Pozzi New York

Zara founder Amancio Ortega remains in top five despite a slight loss in net worth, the US magazine reports

Mallorca’s Serra de Tramuntana as seen from Barcelona. / ALFONS PUERTAS (Observatorio Fabra)

Glimpse of Mallorca from Barcelona

Perfect combination of weather conditions allows Balearic island mountains to be seen from Catalan capital


Ex-Catalan party chief Oriol Pujol denies receiving backhanders

Pere Ríos Barcelona

Son of Jordi Pujol tells parliamentary investigators he will not discuss family inheritance, and claims not to hold offshore accounts

Mark Zuckerberg at the MWC in Barcelona. / D. R. (Getty Images)

Zuckerberg defends plans for free net access at Barcelona keynote

Facebook founder’s talk is main draw on first day of Mobile World Congress as Google, Samsung and others unveil new products


Scientists slam new religion course for high school students

Introduced by the PP government, subject will set tests on acceptance of “the divine origin of the cosmos”

The story behind Caja Madrid’s poisoned credit cards

Savings bank’s former chairmen bought off directors with no-questions-asked approach to generous expense allowances

Members of the Carlos Palomino International Brigade.

Eight Spaniards arrested after returning from combat in Ukraine

The detainees are suspected to have fought alongside pro-Russian forces. They are facing charges of compromising the peace and interests of Spain, homicide, and possession of arms and explosives

“We fought together, communists and Nazis alike, to liberate Russia”

Spaniards arrested for fighting in Ukraine say there are hundreds of foreign combatants at the front

A liquid biopsy looks for signs of gene mutation. / Pulse/Corbis

Spanish medical team presents “liquid biopsy” for cancer patients

Catalan research center working on non- invasive method to find best treatment

Podemos publishes financial details of all members on website

Declaration of assets released by anti-austerity party’s number three, Juan Carlos Monedero, shows his firm is €412,000 in the black

Podemos Eurodeputies give up seats to run in Spanish elections

Only two out of five original members of anti-corruption party will remain in Brussels by March, including leader Pablo Iglesias

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The monstrance from the Church of St Ignatius in Bogotá. / S. S.

Lettuce pay: Prado puts religious artwork worth millions on display

This is the first time that “La Lechuga,” so named after the green hue of its 1,485 emeralds, has been shown outside Colombia

Madrid’s hidden fossil trail

The capital’s streets, walls and subway preserve all manner of paleontological remains – now a website will help you find them

Cycle-route booby traps: a growing danger for Spain’s mountain bikers

One rider left paraplegic after slamming into rock placed across downhill route

Painting with stones

Chris Finnigan meets the mosaic master responsible for restoring some of Barcelona’s ‘trencadís’ masterpieces


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Ex-Panamanian president to stand trial for corruption

Ricardo Martinelli accused of misappropriating $45m from a school nutrition program

Mexico demands US federal inquiry into police shootings of migrants

Local officers in three states are accused of using excessive force in separate incidents

Colombia to send top military aides to FARC negotiations

But President Santos acknowledges that “not everyone will be happy” when a peace deal is finally reached with the rebels

Terror continues in Iguala with 14 murders in 72 hours

Los Rojos cartel takes advantage of rivals’ arrests over last year’s massacre of 43 Mexican teaching students

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