27 abril 2015
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Barcelona hosts funeral mass for Germanwings crash victims

A. L. C. / EFE / El País Barcelona / Madrid

King Felipe, Queen Letizia and PM Mariano Rajoy join 1,500 in the Sagrada Familia Basilica to remember the 150 who died in the March 24 air tragedy


Ruling PP not guilty of tax crimes, says anticorruption attorney

In their pre-trial report, prosecutors in investigation into party’s parallel accounts request five-year terms for ex-treasurers Luis Bárcenas and Álvaro Lapuerta


Airport chaos in Nepal delays Spain’s evacuation efforts

Miguel González New Delhi

Foreign Minister promises that all Spaniards in the earthquake-stricken country will be repatriated

Venezuela rules out ex-Spanish PM from joining opposition’s defense

Alfredo Meza / Miguel González Caracas / Madrid 1

Spain’s ambassador will be sent back to Caracas following diplomatic embroilment. Venezuelan leader offers PM olive branch


Government unaware of size of fuel leak from Canaries wreck

Manuel Planelles Las Palmas

Tenerife on alert due to risk to coast, but ministry official insists no new slicks have been located. Authorities say they have cleaned up 400 kilos of fuel oil from the Russian trawler so far

Court upholds ban on replacing Atlético stadium with high-rises

City of Madrid will appeal the decision in a bid to go ahead with a longstanding plan to move the soccer club to La Peineta

Second ex-Andalusian premier to leave politics over ERE case

Anabel Díez Madrid

Manuel Chaves to follow in footsteps of José Antonio Griñán in move demanded by opposition parties blocking the investiture of Socialist regional premier Susana Díaz

Presenter Mariló Montero smells a lemon on her morning show.

Lemons as a cancer cure? Congress to debate state TV “health tips”

Broadcaster TVE has caused controversy over unscientific remedies

Quarter of Spaniards think the Sun revolves around Earth: new survey

Thirty percent think humans coexisted with dinosaurs, but scientific literacy is improving, according to the report

Goytisolo with the king and queen at Thursday’s ceremony / E. P.

Cervantes winner laments parlous state of Spain

Juan Goytisolo, who was speaking in front of the king, spoke passionately about social justice and cited new party Podemos

Builder paid UK ambassador €354,000, says Tax Agency

London envoy Federico Trillo and PP deputy Vicente Martínez-Pujalte admit to performing outside consulting work while serving in Congress


Spanish jobless figures up slightly in first quarter of 2015

Around 114,300 jobs were lost and the workforce shrank, although year-on-year figures show positive growth, according to latest active population survey

Blood found on meat grinder belongs to missing woman

Investigators to search another property for remains of 55-year-old Argentinean, who was renting a room from the arrested suspect in Madrid town of Majadahonda

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Students in a Spanish class at the Eureka school in Madrid. / G. L.

Trips of the tongue: Spanish language tourism on the rise

The number of people heading to Spain and Latin America to study the world’s second-most spoken language is growing

“Every 76 seconds a false insurance claim is made”

Spanish insurers are increasingly turning to investigators in a bid to combat fraudulent claims

How a GoPro lost in the ocean was reunited with its owner

A software developer used the social networks to track down Spaniard Toni Sánchez in just a day


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Why Argentina’s most prestigious high school is fighting reforms

Proposed changes at the National School of Buenos Aires have raised student ire

Volcanic eruption in Chile sees thousands evacuated

Authorities hand out food and blankets and warn that the Calbuco could spew out more smoke and ash in coming hours

Mexican teenager’s terrifying mistaken identity ordeal has happy ending

Girl. 14, was taken to US after woman wrongly identified her as her daughter

Petrobras bribery scandal has cost oil firm €1.8bn, says CEO

The state-owned petroleum giant has put a price tag on corruption

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