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Cameron warns Catalonia: independence will mean leaving the EU

In joint news conference with Mariano Rajoy in Madrid, British PM says separate Catalan state would be forced to back of line of nations applying for membership Two leaders also discuss refugee crisis

Catalan premier accuses Madrid of “Inquisition” tactics

Mas charges against Popular Party bid to give the Constitutional Court new powers that would help it block independence plans that are forming in northeastern region

refugee crisis

Spanish society acts to take in refugees from Syria and Iraq

Ana Carbajosa Madrid 1

While the central government wrangles with EU over quotas, local and regional authorities announce their desire to help

Spain will accept its refugee share, says foreign minister

But José Manuel García-Margallo fails to cite specific figure on how many asylum seekers Madrid might be willing to accept

Why Spain is a stop on the road to Germany for most refugees

Many asylum seekers move on after their six months of access to Spanish aid comes to an end, attracted by better conditions in northern Europe


Video: The plantation in Pozo Cañada, Albacete. / CIVIL GUARD

Convict used prison leave to set up record-sized marijuana plantation

Covering 30,000 square meters and containing 75,000 plants, the site uncovered in Albacete is the largest ever found in Europe


How the Línea corruption inquiry toppled Guatemala’s government

José Elías Guatemala City

The investigation that led to President Otto Pérez Molina’s resignation stretches back to May 2014 and has ensnared several Cabinet officials

Guatemala’s president resigns amid corruption scandal

Congress voted to strip Otto Pérez Molina of immunity over alleged involvement in customs fraud ring


More than 24,000 people are missing in Mexico, report shows

Verónica Calderón Mexico City

Real number could be much higher than that revealed in official Interior Ministry study as so many crimes go unreported


Summer deaths on Spanish roads rise for first time since 2006

But despite five more fatalities than last year, the number of traffic victims has dropped drastically since the late 1980s

General election

Spanish prime minister: December 20 “most likely” election date

Popular Party leader Mariano Rajoy struggling to find the most propitious moment to hold what could be a watershed vote in Spain


Donald Trump blasts Jeb Bush for speaking Spanish on campaign trail

EFE Washington

Mogul-turned-politician says his rival in the Republican presidential primaries should only be using English while in US

Carolina González (2nd from right) with some of her team. / C. Á.

Police find replacement for outgoing community manager

Predecessor turned Twitter account into world’s most-followed law enforcement agency, even beating FBI


Spanish retiree offers €5,000 to firm that hires his unemployed son

The 68-year-old placed the classified ad out of desperation, after watching his offspring struggle to find a job for a year. So far he has received 20 responses


Cristina Cifuentes (in yellow) surrounded by her predecessors. / L. S.

Ex-Madrid premiers to lose their €5,500-a-month salaries for life

New regional chief wants to eliminate Advisory Council, which opposition views as golden retirement package for outgoing leaders


Mexico’s richest woman claims she was victim of extortion attempt

Verónica Calderón Mexico City

María Asunción Aramburuzabala accuses residents of an upscale Mexico City neighborhood of trying to extract $5 million over real-estate project


Clinton email on immigration likely to irritate Mexican government

Joan Faus Washington

Correspondence reveals former secretary of state’s view on the country’s criticism of controversial Arizona law

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Editor's pick

A copy of the rediscovered work. / Museo Romántico

Spanish royal painting thought lost for 100 years resurfaces in Madrid

The vast canvas, which features Ferdinand VII, was presumed burnt. Now fragments of the work have been found in a city museum

Four tests in three hours to check your official level of Spanish

Modeled on the TOEFL, the SIELE exam is due to be launched next year

Barcelona cracks down on illegal Airbnb subletters

Property owners are discovering bogus tenants who rent apartments and then post them on site without permission

Spaniards call on government to do more for refugees

Sam Edwards examines the response in Spain to the ongoing migrant crisis


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Verne in English

Baby-jumping in Castrillo de Murcia (Burgos). / Maria Angeles Sanchez

Spain’s craziest summer festivals

Fiesta time doesn’t always mean running with the bulls: some prefer hurling butane canisters or climbing up greased poles

I live in Barcelona and work in London (well, sometimes)

After his blog post proving it was doable went viral, Sam Cookney decided to put his crazy plan into practice

Is the Tomatina festival a waste of good tomatoes?

One Castellón firm is responsible for supplying all the thousands of kilos of fruit thrown at the famous Valencia fiesta


Planet’s first flower bloomed in Spain 130 million years ago

The oldest angiosperm in the fossil record, ‘Montsechia’ grew in what are now parts of Cuenca and Lleida, research team finds

In Gibraltar’s secret tunnels

Ana Carbajosa Gibraltar

An internet firm is using an historic WWII bunker within the Rock to safeguard online gambling and financial data

Flamenco star El Cigala gives emotionally charged concert just hours after wife’s death

Spanish singer pays tribute to spouse Amparo Fernández in Los Angeles



Another Europe

The European Union must address the refugee crisis as an opportunity to reinforce itself

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