25 noviembre 2014
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“The truth cannot be hidden,” says pope on Granada abuse case

Pontiff confirms he set investigation into alleged ring of pedophile priests in motion after receiving letter from victim


A photo tweeted by MEP Pablo Echenique during the speech. / TWITTER

Podemos MEPs cheer Pope Francis’s economic message

“We would like to meet him,” says leader of rising Spanish leftist party after pontiff’s speech to European Parliament

New party Podemos claims it is victim of a “slander campaign”

Leftist grouping responds to accusations that party number two failed to honor research contract with Málaga University

Nearly two years later, corruption promises yet to become a reality

The government’s reiterated pledges to regenerate Spanish democracy are stuck in Congress or not even at the review stage


Spanish customs officers board a fishing boat carrying 10 tons of hashish off the Almería coast. / Servicio de Vigilancia Aduanera

10 tons of hashish go up in smoke as smugglers try to destroy cargo

Two traffickers injured in blaze on boat during joint Spanish-Portuguese operation off Almería


Six out of 10 Spanish youths will go abroad for work, study finds

Ramón Muñoz Madrid

An EU-wide survey by telecoms firm Vodafone suggests Spaniards are most pessimistic about their future prospects

Madrid soccer club steps in to pay evicted 85-year-old’s rent

Primera División side Rayo Vallecano commits to rehousing Carmen Martínez Ayuso after she was kicked out of her home

Francisco Nicolás Gómez Iglesias (r) with Madrid Mayor Ana Botella, during an event organized by the FAES think tank.

The tall tales of “Little Nicolás”

During a weekend of press interviews, Spain’s answer to Walter Mitty used lies and half-truths to try to prove his stories

Three in four Canarian residents oppose offshore oil exploration

Pedro Murillo Santa Cruz de Tenerife 1

Regional government survey finds most inhabitants support economic model based on sustainable tourism

The laboratory discovered by the Civil Guard. / EFE

Spain’s answer to Walter White?

The authorities have arrested a retired chemistry teacher who was producing amphetamines from a remote village

Operation Púnica

Targets in Púnica graft probe enjoyed lavish hunting trips

Joaquín Gil Madrid

Construction firm under scrutiny in corruption investigation took Popular Party politicians, including ex-top Madrid official Francisco Granados, on upscale shooting weekends


Attorney general files charges against Catalan leaders over vote

Premier Artur Mas and two aides accused of disobedience, misusing public funds, breach of public duties and usurpation of powers over holding of independence poll

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Some of the Spaniards staying at StartupsMansion. / Edu Bayer

A stately home for bright ideas

Fed up with problems in Spain, around 30 entrepreneurs are trying their luck at New York business incubator StartupsMansion

“When I get a prize I’m always suspicious of myself”

Juan Goytisolo, the Marrakech-based author of ‘Marks of Identity,’ named 2014 Cervantes Prize winner

Bilingualism: the best workout for your brain

People who speak more than one language use their minds more and naturally learn to concentrate better, scientists say

Seville says goodbye to its beloved Duchess

Fiona Watson explains how Cayetana managed to cast her spell over the Andalusian city


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Crime threatening democracy in Latin America, survey finds

New research shows fear of violence is fueling support for authoritarian solutions and the desire to emigrate

“Mexico is outraged by atrocities like the Iguala case”

Luis Raúl González assumes the office of the president at Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission

Petrobras scandal rocks Brazil

Arrested suspects line up to reveal trail of bribes at Latin America’s largest state-owned company

Mexicans say “enough is enough” at huge protest rally

Tens of thousands from all walks of life call for changes to prevent a repeat of Iguala missing students case

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