30 enero 2015
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PM and opposition leader seek to finalize anti-terrorist agreement

Anabel Díez Madrid

Socialists reluctantly accept ruling Popular Party’s introduction of life sentences to save the deal

Israel warned about attack that killed Spanish peacekeeper

But UN mission was told strikes would hit a different area from the one that was shelled, military sources say

UN condemns death of ‘blue helmet’ but fails to place blame

Madrid military court opens its own investigation into incident at Israel-Lebanon border

Truckers in Spain concerned over plans to force them on to toll roads

Industry leaders are suspicious about a new government proposal to stop heavy vehicles using conventional highways

Liechtenstein refuses to cooperate in ex-Catalan chief’s tax fraud case

Jesús García Barcelona

Principality judge says no proof exists that money in Pujol’s alleged accounts came from illegal sources. Andorra and Switzerland have also stalled requests by Spanish justice to supply information

Jordi Pujol: “I didn’t want to know anything about inheritance”

Jesús García Barcelona

EL PAÍS gains access to extract from ex-Catalan premier’s court testimony in hidden fortune investigation

weather alert

A recent snow storm left white landscapes in areas such as León. / J.C. (EFE)

Wind, snow and rain storms to pummel Spain for nearly a week

National weather service issues warning to residents of 30 provinces in 14 regions, asking them to take safety measures

‘Ciutat morta’ case will not be reopened, says prosecutor

El País Barcelona / Madrid

Documentary sheds new light on 2006 incident that left police officer in vegetative state, claiming those sentenced were innocent and suffered torture

Pope Francis grants private audience to transgender Spaniard

El País / EP Madrid

A devout Catholic, the Extremadura man had written to Rome detailing the social rejection he felt after his sex change

All Caja Madrid officials who used “black” cards targeted in abuse case

Seventy-eight former bank executives and board members will have to explain their expenses as part of the Bankia investigation

Judge details sexual abuse Granada priests committed against altar boys

Jorge A. Rodríguez / Valme Cortés Madrid / Granada

Ten clergymen and two laypeople are under investigation in pedophilia case

Ten-year-old non-contact boxing champion Izan Pérez. / T. Castro

Boxing clever?

Growing numbers of Spanish boys are taking up the sport, raising concerns among medics and psychologists


Crashed F-16 fighter fell in “worst possible place,” says military

Miguel González / José Precedo Madrid / Los Llanos

One of the 21 injured in Albacete disaster dies in Madrid, bringing death toll to 11. French and Italian defense ministers to visit the site

Ten dead after Greek F-16 fighter crashes in Albacete

El País / EFE Madrid

Aircraft collided into stationary planes as it tried to take off during NATO training exercise at Los Llanos air base

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The Iberian peninsula as seen from the ISS. / ISS

Spain viewed from the cosmos

From Barcelona and Mallorca to Almería’s greenhouses and Canarian volcanos – images looking down from the International Space Station

The quiet devotion of the Spanish Sufis

There are around 1,200 converts to this mystical form of Islam in Spain, most of them in Granada and Cáceres

This week’s movie releases

An intense Jake Gyllenhaal makes the news in ‘Nightcrawler,’ as director Michael Mann returns with cybercrime thriller ‘Blackhat’


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Venezuela permits army to use firearms for controlling street demonstrations

Watchdog groups say move violates the Constitution and shows government’s fear

Raúl Castro urges Obama to make up for the “human cost” of the embargo

Cuban leader shares his conditions for normalizing relations with the US

Dead prosecutor did not trust his bodyguards, says friend

Large crowds turn up for Alberto Nisman’s funeral in Argentina as investigation into his death continues

“I ordered them to kill the Iguala students and destroy the evidence”

Hit man's confession puts cap on Mexico’s probe into missing trainee teachers

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