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Gabriel García Márquez speaks to reporters outside his home in Mexico City on his birthday March 6, 2014. / Mario Guzmán (EFE)

Literary giant Gabriel García Márquez dies
at age 87

El País Madrid

Nobel Prize-winning novelist had been receiving palliative care at his home. Colombian-born writer is considered one of the greatest authors of the 20th century

“Gabo” fans converge at novelist’s homes in Mexico and Colombia

Juan Diego Quesada Mexico City

García Márquez will be cremated at a private service

“We arrived in México City as a purple sunset settled”

Pablo de Llano Mexico City

Snippets from the life of Gabriel García Márquez in his adopted country

A passion for Fidel

Gabriel García Márquez heard the name of the Cuban leader for the first time in 1955, while in exile alongside a group of Latin American intellectuals

Última hora

“Operation Altarpiece” ensnares Galician Church in corruption case

José Precedo Santiago de Compostela

Police uncover ring that awarded subsidies for church restoration in exchange for hiring specific companies

Andalusia chief demands ministry check facts over fraud claims

Jesús Duva / Lourdes Lucio Madrid / Seville

Allegations of a multi-million-euro training-course scam are an “abuse against Andalusia,” claims education commissioner

Police probe allegations of multi-million-euro fraud in Málaga

Subsidies from Andalusian regional government may have been used to pay for courses that were never held

royal family

The Air Force Airbus A310 that carries members of the Spanish royal family. / ALBERTO MARTÍN (EFE)

Fifth mechanical fault in six months sees king’s plane delayed

El País Madrid

Engineers manage to repair fuel valve on Juan Carlos’ A-310 to get him to soccer final in time

Girl kept as slave for nine years in Argentina by followers of pagan cult

Alejandro Rebossio Buenos Aires

Victim found wasting away in a garage, surviving on the leftovers of a well-fed monkey

Two fishermen dead and three missing after boat sinks off Asturias

EP Madrid

Crew of other vessel rescued survivors from the sinking ship


Ex-UDC official and businessman ordered to jail

EFE Barcelona

Government rejects pardons for duo who embezzled EU funds that were destined for a job-training program


Germany cancels scheme to attract young jobless from abroad

Luis Doncel Berlin

Spaniards made up half of all applicants for The Job of My Life, which offered funding for language studies and help finding work

“I thought the Germans were serious, but now I’m not so sure”

Luis Doncel Berlin

Hundreds could find themselves trapped in Germany without work or money after training scheme is canceled


Judge gives banks deadline to supply information about Bárcenas

Investigating magistrate wants to know where ex-PP treasurer’s €50 million in Switzerland came from

Bárcenas claims former minister gave him access to cash accounts

Ex-PP treasurer tells judge that Francisco Álvarez-Cascos personally oversaw the ruling party’s undeclared slush fund

Jailed ex-PP treasurer loses courtyard privileges

EP Madrid

Luis Bárcenas sanctioned for insubordination during aborted trip to hospital


Five Spanish regions top EU unemployment table

El País Madrid 3

Andalusia, Ceuta, Melilla, the Canary Islands and Extremadura all more than triple the average

universal justice

Judge refuses to shelve Western Sahara, Guantanamo torture probes

Magistrate Pablo Ruz argues that Spain’s international commitments come before legal reforms

Eight more drug-trafficking suspects freed by High Court

María Fabra Madrid

Case involving hashish smugglers shelved by Judge Bermúdez following government reforms

independence drive

Independent Catalonia would be left out of the EU, Brussels insists

Ignacio Fariza Madrid 2

Reminder comes one day after advisory committee said region would likely be allowed to stay

regional politics

Fallout from squatter crisis prompts more talk of early elections

Lourdes Lucio Seville

Opposition conservatives may benefit from sense of “leftist chaos” in Andalusia region, as relationship between Socialists and United Left comes under increasing strain

Seville authorities to inspect eligibility of rehoused squatters

City inspectors will determine whether families at center of housing crisis will be able to keep their new subsidized homes

Crisis over squatters leaves Andalusia coalition damaged

Eleventh hour agreement reached between Socialists and United Left


Monday's march in Madrid in support of a new Republic. / SANTI BURGOS

Supporters of a new Republic call for a change in government

More than 2,000 people march in in central Madrid to demand the monarchy be abolished


Prosecutor demands 26 years for civil guards who “tortured” Britons

Andreu Manresa Palma de Mallorca

Men were arrested following a fight that was started by one of them inside a bar


Ten of the 12 deadly accidents this weekend took place on conventional roads. / EFE

Fifteen killed on roads during first weekend of Easter vacation

El País Madrid

Figure already represents more than half the total number of deaths during entire holiday in 2013

No ruling in sight from top court on abortion legislation

María Fabra Madrid

Government’s new reform may be put into place before decision made on Socialists’ law

Trade opportunities

King Juan Carlos sits next to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan of United Arab Emirates. / ALI HAIDER (EFE)

“Recession is over,” king tells investors in Abu Dhabi

Spanish businessmen fly to United Arab Emirates in hope of seeking new investments

tax inspection

Auditors investigate Sanitas for allegedly avoiding €28.07m in taxes

Health-management company thought to have used transactions for write-offs, sources tell EL PAÍS


The aftermath of a traffic accident in Pontevedra in 2013. / SXENICK (EFE)

Spain’s roads currently in worst condition since 1985

Spending of €6.2 billion on repairs is required, but budget shows more cuts


The price of fresh fish dropped in March. / EFE

Statistics office revises March consumer price index drop

El País Madrid

Prices declined 0.1% year-on-year, not 0.2% as previously said. Data confirms return to negative territory for second month

Girl kidnapped in Madrid park found drugged and bewildered

El País Madrid

Authorities seek to calm public after man took nine-year-old to an apartment in his car


Spanish olive oil bottler Deoleo agrees to sell company

El País Madrid

Private-equity firm CVC Capital closes deal with manufacturer of Bertolli and Carbonell at €0.38 a share

Man who invaded TV sets arrested for issuing bomb threats

El País Madrid

Carlos Díez Fernández is obsessed with a CIA conspiracy, and will go to any lengths to tell the world about it

franco-era crimes

Antonio González Pacheco, known as Billy the kid, leaves the High Court on Thursday. / SAMUEL SÁNCHEZ

Prosecutors voice opposition to extradition of “Billy the Kid”

Former police inspector accused of torturing detainees during Franco regime appears wearing motorcycle helmet to hide his identity during latest High Court hearing


Xavi Mora and Jordi Bañeres, pictured on the streets of Barcelona. / JUAN BARBOSA

From the Dakar Rally to a French jail

Catalan drivers held for five weeks after police discover 1.4 tons of cocaine hidden in their vehicle

Almost 100 begging ring arrests in last three years

Jesús Duva Madrid

Well-organized Romanian gangs make up to €100 a day for each person they force out on to Spain's streets


Trial rule reforms will oblige public officials to testify in court

María Fabra Madrid

Changes will eliminate privileges that keep public officials from testifying in person, minister announces

Más información



Why Spanish travelers prefer trains over planes

High-speed rail overtakes flights as most popular mode of travel

Antonio Banderas returns to native Málaga for Easter

EFE Málaga

US-based actor and director taking part in city’s religious processions


Ana Bella’s mirror

A one-time victim of domestic abuse talks about the foundation she has created to help women in the same situation

David Cameron’s Canary Island break

Txema Santana Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

British PM opts for rural tourism in Lanzarote during Easter vacation

Meteorite moves from the jewel box to the museum

León woman kept curious-looking rock for eight decades after it fell near her when she was a child

Seville gears up for Semana Santa – hopefully without any bickering this time...

Eloise Horsfield tells the tale of last year's ill-fated Easter processions


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Venezuelan students will not abandon demonstrations

EFE / Alfredo Meza Caracas

Protest leaders issue demands for talks

Deadline approaches for vigilantes to disband

Luis Pablo Beauregard Mexico City

Mexican Forces will have to register weapons with authorities on May 10

Mujica to ask Obama for help in anti-smoking dispute

Magdalena Martínez Montevideo

Phillip Morris claims Uruguay is violating bilateral treaty

Accords reached in Venezuelan peace talks

Alfredo Meza Caracas

Opposition agrees to take part in a truth commission

Calm returns to Nicaragua after quake panic

Carlos Salinas Managua

Experts want to determine what sparked the tremors

Venezuelan TV reporter released unharmed

Nairobi Pinto was found unharmed on Monday

Cocaine shipments through Caribbean on the rise

Maye Primera Miami

Smugglers being forced to use alternative routes following crackdowns in Mexico


One Chinese wholesaler dodged €1.5 million in taxes over four years, according to public prosecutors. / GIANLUCA BATTISTA

How a tax raid changed business practices in Badalona’s Chinatown

Wholesalers in the Catalan city may have defrauded the state of €64 million


The National Police's Prevention and Reaction Unit (UPR) out on night patrol. / KIKE PARA

Punishing the pickpockets

Just how serious a problem is street theft in Spain? The courts are now issuing restraining orders to prevent offenders entering specific areas

What price the life of a Bangladeshi worker?

Primark employee Javier Chércoles has set up systems to provide payments to victims of 2013's Rana Plaza disaster


A train rushes by housing in Catalonia. / EDU BAYER

Driven to distraction by the decibels

The Ombudswoman is calling on the government to tackle excessive plane, train and road noise


Making sense of the Gürtel investigation

From Bárcenas' Swiss accounts to refurbishments at PP HQ, EL PAÍS guides you through the case


Chinese con artist commits suicide after reading daughter’s kidnap text

Lili Dai fled her native China for Spain after tricking hundreds of people out of their savings. Her victims hunted her down in Madrid and took her family hostage

Planeta Futuro

Of the population aged 18 or under in the EU, 20.8 percent lives below the poverty line. / SAVE THE CHILDREN ROMANIA

Child poverty rates on the rise

Save the Children report calls on government to take “emergency measures,” with almost a third of Spanish children now at risk

Welcome to Planeta Futuro

EL PAÍS is launching a new portal focusing on sustainable global development, with the collaboration of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Young refugees find a focus

Displaced Syrian children in Lebanese camps are being given a taste of photography

“We would all rather save lives than sell cars”

Jorge Martínez is the creator of the most successful promotional campaign ever run by a Spanish non-profit

My body, not the state’s

NGOs are campaigning to put sexual and reproductive rights on the agenda for development goal talks. They cite changes to Spain's abortion law as retrograde

Last stop Tangier

Morocco has taken on the role of guarding Europe's southern border, holding back those whose only dream is to make it into Europe by reaching Spanish soil

Missing the big picture

The movements of people who leave their home countries to seek a new life are changing direction, and Europe’s closed-doors policy could be a big mistake

“Everyone steals from you”

Each year thousands of Africans try to cross the Sahara to reach Europe. En route, many die and many just get trapped, unable to go on or get back home



Nacho Duato at the press conference to announce his plans for the Staatsballet, which he will head beginning in August. / STEPHANIE PILICK (EFE)

Nacho Duato: “Ballet in Spain is like the Sahara desert”

Valencian choreographer who made the Centro Nacional de Danza a world reference to head the Staatsballet


Norman Foster drops plans to create Madrid foundation

Heritage committee vetoes world-famous British architect’s proposals to alter historic mansion

Valencia’s Henry Moore square

Seven giant bronze sculptures on temporary display show the British artist’s fascination with the female form



Avoiding instability

The squatter incident in Andalusia could have been avoided had everyone acted in less of a hurry


Regional depression

El País Madrid

Eurostat’s findings on unemployment leave no room for triumphant attitudes

The latest in European science

Atomium brings together universities, newspapers and businesses to boost the movement of knowledge

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