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Rivera, Sánchez and Iglesias.

The EL PAÍS Debate consolidates options for Spanish political change

The three candidates aspiring to replace Popular Party PM Mariano Rajoy exchange their views on terrorism, Catalonia, the economy and more in a lively encounter featuring bitter confrontations but also a new tone and style

The #ELPAISDebate,
as it happened

Political leaders Pedro Sánchez, Pablo Iglesias and Albert Rivera went head-to-head live on elpais.com last night to discuss their proposals. PM Rajoy opted not to attend


Margallo urges Macri to undertake “liberalization without fear”

Miguel González Buenos Aires

Spanish foreign minister meets president-elect with relations between countries at rock bottom

CUP leaders Anna Gabriel, Antonio Baños and Albert Botrán. / S. Sáez (EFE)

CUP not ruling out backing Mas for premier despite its members’ veto

Head of anti-capitalist pro-independence party, which holds the keys to power in Catalonia, says “all options are still open” after supporters vote to go on blocking acting leader’s candidacy


Lilian Tintori, en un acto de campaña en Caracas / Fernando Llano (AP)

Tintori : “Those who persecuted me are now taking care of me?”

Javier Lafuente Caracas

Wife of opposition leader Leopoldo López has rejected an offer of security from the Venezuelan government

Marijuana joins the campaign fray

Podemos, Ciudadanos and United Left support regulating the use of cannabis for therapeutic and recreational purposes, while the PP is opposed


Spain expands anti-jihadism pact to key opposition parties

But show of cross-group unity marred by absences of Popular Party and Socialists leaders and Catalan nationalists at ceremony. Podemos attends as “observer” but fails to sign up

Spanish Defense Ministry plans to take over UN Lebanon mission

Move will have to be ratified by government that emerges from December elections, and does not preclude further action to help France in its fight against the Islamic State


Rajoy is not taking things seriously

The Spanish prime minister appears to be isolating himself from his allies and turning a blind eye to the jihadist threat


Security a top priority at Olympic Games, says Rio de Janeiro

María Martín Rio de Janeiro

In the wake of the Paris attacks, the city will be deploying 85,000 officers to secure events

gibraltar election

Fabian Picardo re-elected as Gibraltar chief minister by landslide

Socialist incumbent gets 68 percent of the vote and thanks voters for their “tsunami of support”


Abengoa on verge of largest bankruptcy filing in Spanish history

El País / Bloomberg Madrid

The Seville-based global renewable energy and engineering company has filed for creditor protection


Lorella Praeli at the campaign headquarters. / edu bayer

The immigrant who’s helping Clinton mobilize Latino voters

Marc Bassets New York

Lorella Praeli was an activist for immigrant rights before she became the outreach director for the Democratic candidate

From cutting-edge technology to old-fashioned door-to-door

Marc Bassets New York

EL PAÍS visits Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters in Brooklyn

Adeyemi Ajao during a conference in San Francisco.

“Anybody reasonably smart can make it in Silicon Valley”

Adeyemi Ajao, cofounder of Spanish social network Tuenti, reveals what he’s learnt about the US start-up scene

gender violence

The successes and failures of Spain’s domestic abuse fight

Reyes Rincón Madrid

Ten years after the introduction of gender violence courts, experts applaud the increased protection for victims, but warn that more education is needed

Más información

Verne in english

What’s your chance of winning El Gordo lottery?

Contrary to popular belief, there’s no point standing in line at La Manolita, the famously lucky Madrid ticket vendor

Aged just nine months, my baby eats ‘cocido’

“Baby led weaning” is starting to catch on in Spain – albeit with the use of traditional Spanish dishes

Twitter reacts as Rajoy chooses soccer over debates

PM spent Wednesday night watching Champions League. So why he won’t take part in head-to-heads?

Breaking borders

A decade of violence at Spain’s forgotten African frontier shows why Europe’s new fences alone are bound to fail, says Sam Edwards

on this month

Dylan Moran: ‘Off the Hook’

‘Black Books’ and ‘Shaun of the Dead’ star is bringing his latest standup show to Málaga, Madrid and Barcelona


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British historian John Elliott in Madrid. / ÁLVARO GARCÍA

John Elliott: “Franco still casts a shadow over dialogue in Spain”

Juan Cruz Madrid

The prestigious British Hispanist discusses modern Spanish politics and the Catalan separatist challenge

Spain embraces Black Friday

Retailers sign up en masse for US-imported sale day, though its impact on business remains unclear

Ian McEwan: “Utopia is one of the most destructive ideas”

As the UK takes over this year’s huge Guadalajara Book Fair in Mexico, the British writer discusses his latest novel


The two graves that feature in the last scene are already in place. / S.U.

Come to Burgos, Mr Eastwood

Susana Urra Santo Domingo de Silos

Spanish fans of ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ are racing to restore the film’s iconic cemetery for its 50th anniversary

Why Spaniards ‘shit in the sea’

New book explores the origins of puzzling Spanish idioms that can sound shocking, vulgar or nonsensical to many foreigners

“We will have to find homes elsewhere in the universe”

Physicist Stephen Hawking reflects upon the universe’s origins and his illness in an exclusive interview with EL PAÍS

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