9 octubre 2015
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Sabotage could be behind high-speed rail service suspension

Police believe individuals who cut fiber-optics on AVE line in Catalonia knew exactly what they were doing. 30 trains and 9,500 passengers have been affected


King Felipe tells MEPs to count on “diverse and united” Spain

Miquel Alberola Strasbourg 1

Monarch uses address to European Parliament to allay fears over Spanish unity in face of Catalan independence bid

latin America

US brings drug charges against powerful Honduran family

José Meléndez San José (Costa Rica)

The Rosenthals own a large business conglomerate and have important political ties to the opposition Liberal Party


Ada Colau (left) and Manuela Carmena. / JULIAN ROJAS

Barcelona and Madrid mayors are best-rated politicians in their cities

New leftist leaders Ada Colau and Manuela Carmena earn highest approval ratings in new poll by state-run CIS agency


Detained women filmed mocking Mexican policeman about his phone

El País Mexico City

“Poor thing, I have an iPhone,” one of pair heard telling officer who stopped her for driving under the influence in video


A worker at the site of the future Olympic Park in Rio. / M. T. (Getty)

Brazil slashes budget for Rio Olympic Games by 10%

María Martín Rio de Janeiro

As the country grapples with recession, the administration is attempting to prevent protests against waste and overspending


Surveillance cameras debunk story offered by Asunta’s mother

Silvia R. Pontevedra Santiago de Compostela

Murder trial in Santiago hears key testimony from Civil Guard officers who investigated the mysterious death of Galician 12-year-old


Spain risks missing 2015 and 2016 deficit targets — Brussels report

Claudi Pérez Strasbourg

EL PAÍS obtains copy of European economic commissioner’s controversial study, which has yet to be ratified by EC

Spain holding off impact of global slowdown: IMF report

Organization, which is holding its 2015 Annual Meetings in Lima this week, sees Spanish GDP growing 3.1% this year and has improved its forecast for the country’s unemployment rate

latin america

A dog out for a walk in Parque México. / SAÚL RUIZ

Who is Mexico City’s dog poisoner?

Pablo de Llano Mexico City

The mysterious death of several dogs in Colonia Condesa, an upper-class section of the capital, has got locals worried

Only Messi’s father is accountable for tax crimes, says prosecutor

But Barça soccer star will still have to stand trial over €4.1m fraud after Tax Agency lawyers file charges against him


Ahmed Chehl is led away by French police on Thursday. / CIVIL GUARD

The idyllic hideout of Madrid teen’s suspected murderer

The wife and neighbors of the man alleged to have killed 17-year-old Eva Blanco in 1997 are still in shock over his arrest


Ex-IMF chief Rodrigo Rato has passport seized by judge

Former deputy PM gives three-hour testimony over charges of tax crimes, money laundering and corruption

Trash along the Manzanares river near the Segovia bridge. / C. R.

“The filth is awful.” Complaints grow over state of Madrid’s streets

Residents and businesses bemoan the amount of garbage allowed to accumulate in the capital


Trial involving King Felipe’s sister Cristina to begin January 11

Andreu Manresa Palma de Mallorca

Court sets date for when royal, her husband, a former regional premier and 15 others will sit in dock over the massive Nóos corruption case


Galicia hospital decides to take terminally ill girl off life support

Cristina Huete Santiago

Doctors backtrack after parents of 12-year-old Andrea turn to the courts in order to obtain a “dignified death” for their daughter

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Editor's pick

Driving school vehicles in Móstoles (Madrid). / SANTI BURGOS

Spanish driving examiners strike over safety fears

Civil servants responsible for granting driver’s licenses demand greater protection from attacks by students who fail their tests

Why Leonardo DiCaprio should win an Academy Award

Will his performance in Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu’s new film earn the actor his first Oscar?

Online media reinvents itself with a new universal format

Google and major newspapers, including EL PAÍS, have created Accelerated Mobile Pages


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Connect with us on the social networks to get all of our latest articles, translated by a team of native English speakers

Why the Toro de la Vega is here to stay

The resilience of the tradition shows us bull events are not about to disappear any time soon, says Angus McNeice

Verne in English

Hervás’s image of the eclipse in Ibiza. / José Antonio Hervás

How a Spaniard took a supermoon photo that caught the eye of NASA

Space agency chose José Antonio Hervás’s stunning composite image of Monday’s lunar eclipse in Ibiza as its picture of the day

I live in Barcelona and work in London (well, sometimes)

After his blog post proving it was doable went viral, Sam Cookney decided to put his crazy plan into practice

Eight cartoons demonstrating why we hate selfie sticks

One Barcelona illustrator’s drawing about the cumbersome contraptions has proved a social networks smash



“We will have to find homes elsewhere in the universe”

Physicist Stephen Hawking reflects upon the universe’s origins and his illness in an exclusive interview with EL PAÍS

‘Siesta,’ ‘fiesta’ and 17 other Spanish words ‘guiris’* use

A look at some of the terms from Spain that have become lingua franca over the centuries, from mosquito to matador

The quiet devotion of Spain’s Sufis

There are around 1,200 Spanish converts to this mystical form of Islam, most of them in Granada and Cáceres

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