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Cabinet postpones approval of controversial abortion reform

Move seen as slap in the face for Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, who might consider stepping down


“Voting does not divide us, it unites us,” says Catalan regional premier

Miquel Noguer Barcelona 2

Artur Mas calls on Spanish government to allow independence referendum in wake of Scottish result

Rajoy: Scots avoided “serious consequences” of separation

El País Madrid

Spanish prime minister releases video message expressing satisfaction over result of Scottish referendum

Madrid ready to act if Catalonia takes final step toward referendum

Pere Ríos / Carlos E. Cué Barcelona / Madrid 1

Mariano Rajoy will call emergency Cabinet meeting this weekend to prepare an appeal to stop the vote

Municipal police on patrol in Magaluf. / JAIME REINA (AFP)

Magaluf police implicated in suspected extortion ring

Andreu Manresa / Lucía Bohorquez Palma de Mallorca

Mallorca resort famous for “anything goes” approach to drink, drugs and sex caught up in trade war between bars, say locals

67,000 fake magazines to cover up a €15 million fraud

José Precedo / Ezequiel Moltó Elche / Madrid

Spanish police foil ad-space scam that tricked thousands of small businesses and self-employed workers over 13 years

Podemos offers to help WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

Representatives from new Spanish leftist party meet with embattled journalist at the Ecuadorian embassy in London

Spanish marijuana production grows fivefold in five years

Luis Gómez Madrid

The more lucrative “Eurocannabis” is taking over markets that were once dominated by Moroccan hashish

Spain seeks to punish those who leave to join jihadist ranks

Foreign Minister outlines “hypothetical” military measures it could undertake in US-led coalition

Mark Dixie, in a photo from 2006. / Andrew Dunsmore (Rex)

“An innocent man in jail should be a priority, but nobody cares”

A Dutch national has been in prison since 2003, despite DNA evidence showing he did not commit a series of sex attacks

The Nigerian mail scam that swindled €8.8m from 15 victims

Spanish High Court hands down jail terms of up to 21 years to masterminds of elaborate internet and letter fraud

The Pissarro exhibition was one of the Thyssen’s major shows in 2013. / L. S.

Madrid’s Thyssen Museum lost over €5 million in 2013

Art gallery received fewer visitors and less in government subsidies than in 2012

The moment when the bull is speared. / F. Gª. Arevalo (Atlas)

Protestors and supporters clash at Toro de la Vega bull hunt

Sides pelt each other with stones as Valladolid town’s controversial fiesta ends with four gorings, one fire and an arrest

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The latest running of the Canillejas night race. / Samuel Sánchez

Running fever sweeps Spain

But as more people embrace jogging, experts say that the business of organizing races is replacing sportsmanship

Sweets from the Syrian conflict

Madrid pastry owner store Abud Alkarmi continues to import delicacies from Damascus despite the civil war

The silence of flamenco

Raúl Limón Seville

Deaf dancer Ángeles Narváez choreographs shows that mix bodily movement with sign language


This week’s movie releases

El País Madrid

A group of youngsters charts a deadly labyrinth in dystopian teen drama ‘The Maze Runner’


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Mexico’s most elusive mogul

Juan Diego Quesada México DF

Controversy regarding various accidents at his mines surrounds businessman Germán Larrea

Venezuela’s Maduro denounces “psychological war” waged by opposition

President vows to go after anyone spreading information about virus

Uribe has ties to drug lords, says Colombian senator

Son of murdered communist leader wants ex-president’s past investigated

Tensions rise between Texas and Mexico over border

J. M. AHRENS / A. CÁDIZ Mexico City / Houston

Governor Rick Perry slams country for security failures



Another source of danger for Europe

Scottish referendum illustrates the need for the EU to remain united to overcome the economic crisis and outside threats

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