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At least six dead in explosion at Zaragoza fireworks factory

Six others have been injured – three of them seriously – following the blast in a neighborhood outside the Aragonese city

catalan independence bid

Former PM’s letter to Catalans draws applause and contempt

Javier Casqueiro / Miquel Noguer / El País Soutomaior / Barcelona

Ruling Popular Party and some regional parties express gratitude to Socialist Felipe González for his views on the independence bid, but secessionists react angrily to the plea for unity

To the Catalans

Former Spanish Prime Minister Felipe González argues that the proposal of Junts pel sí could mark the start of a real “dead end” for Catalonia


Church wants four years for six protestors who interrupted Mass

Lucía Bohórquez Palma de Mallorca

Youths were among larger group who rushed into service in Palma de Mallorca to demonstrate against abortion reform


Seaweed covers part of the sand at Playa del Carmen beach. / saúl ruiz

Seaweed invasion threatening tourism on Mexican coast

Changes in water conditions causing huge influx of gulfweed in popular Caribbean vacation spots

New goring death brings number of bull fatalities this summer to 12

Senior citizen killed during local festivities in Cuéllar (Segovia) after animal runs its horn through his heart


Vehicle stopped in Austria carrying immigrants had Spanish plates

Three children suffering dehydration among the 26 people in the van. Discovery comes after deaths of 71 migrants in same country


Civil Guard probes ruling Catalan party over illegal commissions

Investigators enter headquarters and foundation of premier Artur Mas’s CDC as part of inquiry into illegal payments construction firm allegedly made in exchange for public contracts

Ruling Catalan party: prosecutor wants “to influence election”

Olga Chen / Miquel Noguer Barcelona

CDC official insists group has nothing to hide from corruption investigators examining alleged illegal commissions

latin America

A group assault on a beach in Rio. / M. C. (Agência O Globo)

Río de Janeiro bars black youths from its most famous beaches

Police arrest poor youngsters from nearby slums en route to Ipanema and Copacabana in attempt to combat theft

Grandma who refused to demolish home freed after three days in jail

Txema Santana Betancuria

Government pardons 63-year-old Canary Islander who failed to comply with court order to tear down illegal extension built on protected area

Madrid Mayor Manuela Carmena gets star treatment in Buenos Aires

Carlos E. Cué Buenos Aires 1

Argentinean President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner sees Spanish capital’s new leftist leader as a symbol of change


Economy growing at pre-crisis levels again on back of consumption

El País Madrid

Spain sees second-quarter GDP rise of 1.0%, the biggest increase in eight years. Investment in capital goods also driving expansion


Jorge Ramos: “Trump offers horror, a white utopia free of migrants”

Luis Barbero Miami 2

The Hispanic journalist kicked out of a news conference by the Republican hopeful calls him “authoritarian”

Video: Trump ejects Ramos from his press conference. / Reuters - Live

Trump kicks star Hispanic news anchor out of press conference

Leading Univision journalist Jorge Ramos had been trying to ask Republican front-runner about his immigration views

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Editor's pick

Researchers in Catalonia look for tiger mosquitoes at a traffic stop.

The invasion of the winged insects

Elena G. Sevillano / Pedro Gorospe Madrid / Bilbao

Spain is suffering a rapid increase of tiger mosquitoes and Asian wasps, the latter of which are threatening the bee population

The Spanish-language library-on-wheels touring the US

Mexican publishing house launches the Book Truck in San Diego to promote literacy among Latino community

The documentary about King Juan Carlos that Spaniards won’t see

State broadcaster RTVE pulls plug on completed film about the ex-monarch


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Verne in english

Ricky Martin starts online crusade against Trump

Singer expresses anger over politician’s expulsion of reporter Jorge Ramos as other Hispanic stars call for end to slurs

Is the Tomatina festival a waste of good tomatoes?

One Castellón firm is responsible for supplying all the thousands of kilos of fruit thrown at the famous Valencia fiesta

Eight cartoons demonstrating why we hate selfie sticks

One Barcelona illustrator’s drawing about the cumbersome contraptions has proved a social networks smash


Planet’s first flower bloomed in Spain 130 million years ago

The oldest angiosperm in the fossil record, ‘Montsechia’ grew in what are now parts of Cuenca and Lleida, research team finds

In Gibraltar’s secret tunnels

Ana Carbajosa Gibraltar

An internet firm is using an historic WWII bunker within the Rock to safeguard online gambling and financial data

Flamenco star El Cigala gives emotionally charged concert just hours after wife’s death

Spanish singer pays tribute to spouse Amparo Fernández in Los Angeles



Catalonia and the European Union

It is false to think that a unilateral declaration of independence would attract support from other EU countries. Such a step contravenes European treaties as well as the interests and stability of many European members

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