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EL PAÍS English Edition on Facebook Live

This week we spoke to Michael Harris from the EuroCitizens group, which is defending the right to live and work in Spain post-Brexit

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Ever since the United Kingdom took the decision to vote in favor of leaving the European Union – or Brexit, as the process is popularly known – fears have been rising among British expatriates across the continent as to how their own situations will be affected.

In response to these fears, a group of Britons resident in Spain has created EuroCitizens, which aims to “defend EU citizenship rights to live, work and study,” both “for UK nationals in Spain and Spanish nationals in the UK.”

This Thursday at 12pm, group Vice-President Michael Harris came to the EL PAÍS newsroom for a Facebook Live interview conducted by English Edition editor Simon Hunter.

If you missed it, you can click here to watch again and to see all of our Facebook Live videos so far.

If you have questions about Brexit you can send them to us by commenting under the Facebook Live video, or if you want to send a question for a future broadcast you can mail

For more information about EuroCitizens click here to visit their webpage or on these links to visit their Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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Recently on Facebook Live, EL PAÍS English Edition interviewed the authors of a new book entitled Las 500 dudas más frequentes del inglés (or, The 500 most common doubts about English).

The book – written by Mick Green and Kay Welsh, who are teachers from the British Council in Madrid – details basic concepts such as the ways dates are written differently throughout the English-speaking world, or how to sign off a letter, taking in subtleties such as how the meaning of a sentence is changed depending on the adverb employed.

The stream can be replayed here.

Also discussing English learning (although in this case in Spanish) is British broadcaster Michael Robinson, who came to the EL PAÍS offices to talk to us about his new English-learning course, which is available at newsstands in Spain now. Click here to watch that Facebook Live broadcast.

You can also watch when British comedian and actor Eddie Izzard visited the EL PAÍS newsroom for a live interview by clicking here.

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