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Pressure cooker used in Boston bombings came from Spain

Authorities discover the blown-off lid of a Fagor model on a building roof

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Investigators comb through the scene of one of the blast sites of the Boston Marathon explosions, Wednesday, April 17, 2013, in Boston. AP

A pressure cooker allegedly used in one of the bombs during Sunday’s Boston Marathon was made in Spain, according to US investigators.

At a news conference on Wednesday, authorities said that they had found destroyed parts of a Fagor-made pressure cooker along with a detonator and cables they believed were used to set off the explosive devices during the race, taking the lives of three people and injuring close to 180.

The evidence was sent to the FBI labs in Quantico, Virginia where experts hope to try to reconstruct the bomb and perhaps shed some light as to who was behind the terrorist attack.

Sara de la Hera, vice president of sales and marketing at Fagor, said that her company sells about 50,000 pressure cookers in the United States annually. The model in the FBI’s possession has a six-liter capacity. Agents will also see if they can determine where the appliance was purchased.

The cooker’s top was discovered on the roof of a building near where the device was placed, authorities said.

Pressure cookers have been used by terrorists to make bombs in Afghanistan, Iraq, India and Nepal. According to a Spanish government terrorism report, these improvised artifacts have been used more than 200 plots and actual terrorist attacks in the United States from 2001 to 2011.